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How to use: Massage Roller
All sore from your intense workout? Why not use a foam roller? Learn about which foam roller is best for you, and how to use them!
Ever wanted to try longboarding but not sure how to get started? Read on to learn the basics of handling a longboard.
How To Maintain Your Treadmill
Learn some tips to maintain your treadmill at home! Discover everything you need to know about extending the lifetime of your treadmill.
running illustration
Breathing properly while running is crucial as many joggers go out of breath. But, physical exercise will always speed it up. Follow our guide to get the right tips!
Trainings to make a swimming comeback
What should you do to get back to the pool after a long pause? Here are some plans collated by our swimming experts to get back into the swim of things.
What features should you look out for? Read on to find out the different aspects of a road bike that you should prioritise!
There are 3 criteria that determine your choice of waterproof jacket: the level of waterproofing, the outside temperature and the intensity of your exercise.
Yoga: Our Eco-Designed Yoga Products
At Decathlon, we believe that preserving the planet and its population protects our purpose: to make sports more accessible to everyone.
You don't need many pairs of running shoes – just one or two that can last longer with the proper care. Here are a few tips for you to extend the usage of your running shoes!