How to care for your hiking items: merino wool



Ideal for hikes/treks, merino wool offers numerous advantages: 

1. Moisture Wicking ~In Singapore's tropical climate, fibers absorb and evaporate sweat away from the skin, keeping one dry and cool.~ 

2. Provides Good Insulation~In wintry climates, insulation is brought about by air trapped in its fibers.~ 

3. Layer Away!~Thanks to its high breathability, each layer of merino wool efficiently transports sweat from the skin to the outside layer/atmosphere. ~ 

4. Odour Resistant~Its anti-bacterial properties deter odour, making merino wool clothing ideal for traveling or multiple day treks. ~ 

5. Comfortable ~Compared to other wool, merino wool is super fine, allowing it to bend as it brushes against the skin.~ 

6. Biodegradable~ 

7. UPF Protection~ 

8. Lightweight

Decathlon sources for and utilises only sustainable mulesing-free merino wool despite it being more costly.~*Mulesing is a method widely used to prevent sheep from dying due to infections caused by insects, which it is also a painful surgical procedure which can be entirely avoidable*

Here are the main things to take note of when washing and caring for your merino wool-based clothing. before anything, always check the garment label for specific care!


Due to its natural antibacterial compound, merino wool limits odour and is also highly resistant to stains; this means less washing required compared to cotton/synthetics!

~Good news! You can use a normal liquid detergent to wash your merino wool clothing, but if you want to be careful and completely at ease, you can use a laundry bag (yes, that one that is used for delicate laundry). Using a liquid detergent also rinses off better, as compared to washing powder. ~ 

Avoid using fabric softener as these will coat the merino fibres, which will limit the wool’s natural ability to actively manage moisture and body temperature. Do not dry clean or use bleach as the chlorine can destroy the merino fibres.


The right temperature

Machine wash on low to medium heat (at about 30°C) on a normal cycle (unless otherwise stated on laundry directions!).

Drying time

Let the garment dry on a flat surface. You can also opt to tumble dry on low heat if the care instructions allow. 


As you can see, it's easy to care for merino wool – just follow this guide and you are good to go! Pack smart for your hikes or treks with merino wool clothing as you can lug fewer articles of clothing. Have fun!


Written by: norarfah zakaria

Sport leader (hiking),  decathlon bedok

 “Merino wool may be expensive but if you think about its advantages, it is definitely worth it to invest in one!”