New in 2020: yoga

Hey Yogis! Want to know more about the exciting new range for 2020? Read more to find out! Namaste!

Yoga Practice

Welcome back Yogis! It’s 2020 and it’s time to get back to your practice. Set a new goal for this year! Maybe work towards that full bind. Or maybe, you will finally find your Ujjayi breath. Whatever your goal is, nothing beats accomplishing it with a brand new yoga outfit or equipment! Domyos has worked towards bringing new colours and prints for the apparel and equipment. Keep reading to know more about our new collection!

Reversible Leggings

Reversible leggings

1. Reversible

Ever get sick of your outfits and wish you could get a new set? You don’t have to worry about that wallet anymore! These Reversible Yoga leggings function like a 2-in-1 outfit. You can wear the plain side or you can show off the extremely pretty print!


2. Moisture Management

These leggings are not only super cute, but they are very functional too! It has great moisture management that would absorb and dry perspiration.


3. Opaque and Freedom of Movement

It is also opaque and “downward dog” friendly! It is very flexible and has a high waist belt, to allow you to work on those postures.

Maternity yoga pants

Did you know that prenatal yoga has been said to be extremely useful? It helps with strength building, pain and stress relief and gets you connected with your baby! Knowing the benefits, the Domyos yoga team has worked together with mommies-to-be and developed a maternity yoga pants!


1. Freedom of Movement

With a carrot shape cut, it gives you lots of freedom at your thighs while tightening at your lower legs. This high waist pants has an inner support band that will support your abdominal wall while you execute the different poses.


2. Eco Design

These pants are made from organically-grown cotton without GMOs, chemical fertilizers and pesticide. Therefore, you and your baby are safe to find your Zen together!

Maternity Yoga Pants
Kids Yoga Mat

Kid's yoga mat

Ever wanted to practice yoga with your child? Look no further! Domyos has developed a fun and useful yoga mat just for kids!


1. Comfort

This 5mm Kids Yoga Mat is comfortable for your hold his/her poses.


2. Easy Learning

What’s fun is that there is a cute bear on it. It’s not only colourful and engaging, but your little one can follow the poses done by the bear!  Your child would be able to work on his/her strength and flexibility together with you!


3. Easy Transport

Once you are done with the yoga session, simply roll the mat and attach the strap. It makes it so easy to transport and it is compact enough to store.

5Mm yoga mat xl

Our favourite yoga mat is back bigger and better!


1. Comfort

It is really light and is easy to transport around. The 5mm thickness allows for great comfort while the density makes it stable enough to execute your balancing poses.


2. Increased length

This year, Domyos has kept this beloved mat and made it longer!!! Yay! You’d get the same light, comfortable grip mat, but with more room to stretch! By increasing the length by 30 cm, it gives you lots of room for adjustment and you can practice worry free!

5mm Yoga Mat XL
Yoga Pad Green

Yoga pad

Say goodbye to joint pains during high pressure poses, with our pretty Green Yoga Pad! This knee and wrist support has been one of our best sellers and this year, Domyos has brought it back again, with a completely different color.


Light and Comfortable

This yoga pad is a must have, as it is rounded in the center and it fits comfortably around your joints. It is shaped like a Chakra and it is compact enough for you bring to every Yoga session.

Excited by the new collection? Check out our entire yoga range!

- Written by Meelen Sidhu, Digital Sport Leader For Yoga