Calling out to all swimmers in Singapore! Have you heard Decathlon and ActiveSG are working together to start swimming interest groups? Check out what we have for you!


The aim of this community is to help you improve your fitness and swimming techniques, while socialising and making new friends with other like-minded individuals as well :-) What a way to kill two birds with one stone right? 


Feel free to sign up and join us if you are looking for a place to swim!

Programme Outline

1. Shoulder Mobility and Fitness & Health Assessment

A comprehensive experiential programme to help you understand your body composition, fitness and health status. The shoulder mobility assessment allows you to find out your range of movement to help to prevent injuries and improve your swimming techniques.

2. Swim Training Programme

Designed to improve your fitness, swim timing and techniques

3. Swimming Equipment Usage

Learn to swim better with Pull Buoy, Kick Board and Paddles 

4. Strength & Conditioning Exercises

Specially curated exercises to help to activate and strengthen your muscles to improve your swim performance