Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore 2021 | Under $10, $30 & $50

2023 Christmas Sports Gifts ideas for every budget

Discover perfect Christmas gifts for fitness enthusiasts on any budget. Find out more about the gift of sports in this handy Christmas guide!

Gifts under $10

Discover budget-friendly joy with these gift ideas under $10, featuring essential sports accessories that won't break the bank but will elevate any workout routine.

Running Utility Belt Bag

Running Utility Belt Bag

Price: $9.90

Carry your phone, wallet, keys and other belongings in this Running Utility Belt Bag! The ideal companion to store only the essentials.

A perfect gift for the sporty individual, allowing them to go on their next run hands-free!

Copaya Beach Volleyball

Copaya Beach Volleyball

Price: $9.90

Crafted for recreational beach volleyball with family or friends, this soft and comfortable ball offers up endless hours of seaside fun.

Gift the joy of beach volleyball with our specially designed ball, perfect for those eager to learn and play in comfort.

Toning Resistance Elastic Bands

Toning Resistance Elastic Bands Set

Price: $6.90

A perfect solution for anyone aiming to tone their entire body. With three levels of resistance (Light 5kg, Medium 6kg, Hard 7kg).They are compact and lightweight, making it easy for your Secret Santee to keep up with their workout progress anytime, anywhere.

Give the gift of a sculpted physique with this set of resistance elastic bands!

Gifts under $15

Explore affordable yet thoughtful gifts under $15, ranging from hiking and camping essentials to versatile fitness accessories - ensuring a perfect present for every outdoor enthusiast.

Hiking Backpack

20L Hiking Backpack

Price: $12.90

Perfect for their next adventure in the great outdoors. With 20L of capacity, 2 bottle holders and even a laptop sleeve! A padded foam back and shoulder straps means they'll be comfy while carrying their gear.

Gift the avid or budding hiker in your life with this Backpack!

Gallon Bottle

2.2L Gallon Bottle

Price: $14.90

Ensure your Giftee stays properly hydrated during workouts with this huge water bottle! Featuring a generous 2.2 L capacity, this bottle opens and closes with ease, offers versatile carrying options with a handle and attached rope.

An ideal companion for staying fully hydrated during any training session!

Camping Picnic Mat

Quechua Camping Picnic Mat

Price: $14.90

Give the gift of comfort on any outdoor adventure with our camping picnic mat, designed by our team of campers to insulate you the ground during picnics or camping trips. This durable and compact mat ensures user comfort while making it easy to carry on your next adventure!

A reliable and thoughtful gift for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

Gifts under $30

Feeling extra generous this Christmas season? These gift ideas open up new experiences for your friends and loved ones. Have a look at these options under $30!

Sports Recovery Massage Kit

Sports Recovery Massage Kit

Price: $38.90

Say goodbye to aching muscles after-sport self-massage with this 3-in-1 kit! The 3 complementary accessories helps with the massaging of muscles on the whole body. What's special about this kit is it's ability to store the ball and stick in the roller, saving precious space in the process!

Know someone who wants the perfect accessory to help with muscle recovery after a good workout? This 3-in-1 kit will definitely hit the spot!

Table Tennis Rollnet Set

Table Tennis Rollnet Set

Price: $29.90

Unleash the joy of table tennis anytime, anywhere with this table tennis set! a perfect gift for those seeking instant indoor or outdoor fun. Equipped with 2 bats, 2 balls, and a 1.7-meter Rollnet that sets up in just 10 seconds.

This gift ensures hours of entertainment, making it an ideal present for both beginners and seasoned players alike.

Folding Camping Arm Chair

Folding Camping Arm Chair

Price: $24.90

Gift the ultimate comfort on camping adventures with this folding camping chair—a thoughtful present for outdoor enthusiasts. Thoughtfully designed, this chair combines comfort with compactness, ensuring a relaxing seating experience.

Perfect for the next family picnic or their new camping adventures, they will thank you for their new found comfort outdoors!

Gifts below $50

Indulge in premium gifting with this curated selection. These gifts are for those with discerning tastes and a larger budget, featuring top-quality gear to open up new sporting experiences!

Electronic Dartboard

Electronic Dartboard

Price: $35.90

Looking to give someone a new user-friendly and interactive experience? This dartboard comes with everything you need to track of scores and different game modes, providing endless playing variety for those new to the world of darts.

Elevate dart game nights with this electronic dartboart!

Easybreath Dive Mask

Adult Easybreath Dive Mask

Price: $44.90

It's an ideal gift for individuals keen on snorkelling and exploring the mesmerizing underwater world while prioritizing ease of use and safety.

Unleash the adventurer within with them with this gift idea!

Gifts over $50

Balling out this Christmas? Explore premium sporty gift ideas above $50, delivering top-tier quality and innovation to elevate the athletic experience for your loved ones this holiday season.

Archery Set

Archery Set

Price: $59.90

Experience the thrill of archery safely with this Archery set, featuring 1 bow, 2 suction cup arrows, and 1 target.

Makes the perfect gift for family bonding and recreational archery exploration, ensuring hours of fun for everyone.

Kids Bicycle

14" Kids Bike

Price: $139.90

Inspire the joy of riding with our 14" kids' bicycle—a fantastic gift for little adventurers embarking on their cycling journey. This bike ensures a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

The ideal first bike for children eager to embrace the joy of cycling!

Decathlon Gift Card

Decathlon Gift Cards

Feeling the pressure of choosing the perfect present? Gift cards are a great option too, offering the freedom to choose and ensuring your loved ones get exactly what they desire for a special and personalized touch!

Chistmas gift ideas

Viola! This wraps up our Christmas Gift Guide for 2023! From budget-friendly sports essentials to premium athletic gear, this curated gift guide caters to various passions, ensuring unforgettable moments of joy and adventure for your friends and loved ones this holiday season.

Here's to wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Sportier New Year!