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How to wash a feather and down jacket

How to wash a feather and down jacket

We know that putting a ski jacket in the washing machine can be stressful. Don't panic! You can clean it without damaging the feather filling. Be careful not to clean your jacket too often or you might damage it.

Wat is padel?

What is Padel Tennis?

Padel Tennis is one of the fastest-growing sports worldwide. But what exactly does it entail? Learn more about this fairly new racket sport!

How To Wash Your Winter Clothing?

How To Wash Your Winter Clothing?

Are you stalling in front of your washing machine when it comes to cleaning your ski suit? Hand or machine wash, temperature, drying, ... Here’s all you need to know about washing your ski suit.

Comment entretenir mon vélo elliptique ?

How to Maintain Your Cross Trainer?

Clean and maintain your elliptical trainer regularly for a risk-free and stress-free practice over time!


How to Choose the Right Walking Shoes in Singapore?

Fitness walking is an accessible sport that can be practiced by everyone. Follow our guide to finding the right pair of shoes for fitness walking.

sport and ramadan

How Can You Exercise During Ramadan?

At first glance, exercising during Ramadan may seem adventurous. But with a few precautions, fasting and playing sports is not out of the question.

Decathlon Blog: Sports Advice from Experts

7 Best Scenic Running Routes in Singapore

Looking for running routes that will not only challenge you but provide spectacular views? We recommend 7 spots that will do the trick.