Where to practice your favourite sports

From scenic run routes, to underrated hiking spots, to basketball courts - discover the best places to play your favourite sport in Singapore now!


Guide to Coney Island | Scenic Cycling Routes in Singapore

All biked up and nowhere to go? Why not let us take you on a journey through one of Singapore's hidden gems in the northeast - Coney Island!


Guide to Punggol Waterway Park | Scenic Cycling Routes in Singapore

Discover beautiful sights at Punggol Waterway. It's known more for its waterways and shorelines, but there are also some awesome cycling routes there too!


Guide to East Coast Park | Scenic Cycling Routes in Singapore

Discover one of the most popular cycling trails in Singapore: East Coast Park! Find out the best route and pit stops for your ride here.

5 Best Scenic Running Routes

7 Best Scenic Running Routes in Singapore

Bored of your same old running routes? Refresh your runs with 7 of our top routes to run in Singapore with great views!


Guide to Mandai Loop | Scenic Cycling Routes in Singapore

Want to go slightly off the beaten path? Discover the formidable and 'secret' Mandai Loop road cycling route in-depth with us!


Best Courts to Play Basketball in Singapore

Play at these indoor or outdoor basketball courts in Singapore and enjoy your next basketball game with your friends! :)


8 Scenic Spots to Fly a Kite in Singapore

Planning a family activity to do this weekend? Fly a kite or two at these 8 scenic spots – thank us later!

Top 5 Places in Singapore to Run with Your Kid

Top 5 Places in Singapore to Run with Your Kid

Running with your kids is a great way to introduce them to this sport and get their hearts pumping!

3 Places to Practice Trail Running in Singapore

3 Places to Practice Trail Running in Singapore

Trail running is the best way to experience the benefit of running while being surrounded by nature – here are 3 places in Singapore to do so!


4 Best Spots To Play Football In Singapore

Thinking about where to play football in Singapore? Read on to find out more! From rooftop pitches to free pitches, we will round up the different pitches you can play football in Singapore.


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Where To Go To Ski

Ever wondered where you should head to for a ski or snowboard trip? Check out our ski & snowboard top places just for you!