Top 7 mountain hiking spots in asia

Read on to know facts about these trails in Asia before you embark on them!

Mountain hiking has gained popularity over the years and I am sure you would love to conquer a mountain too! 

But before you do, you need to know facts about the trails, the level of physical and mental fitness required and the duration of the hike/trek itself.

Here's a quick breakdown of our top mountain hiking spots in Asia! :)

1. Gunung irau, cameron highlands, pahang, malaysia

Distance of Hike: 2.35km

Duration of Hike: Approximately 2-3 hours to complete

Recommended Period to Go: February to September, avoid monsoon months as it will get cold and wet!

Physical Difficulty: 4/10

Cameron Highlands is the perfect tourist playground! A little known activity in Cameron Highlands is hiking. Roam through the tea plantation, climb up the hills, there’s so much to do in Cameron Highlights.

How about Gunung Irau? Known for its muddy trails and interesting path, Gunung Irau is visited by many throughout the year.

The weather is perfect for a hike, but be careful, when the sun sets, it will get colder and windier as you go on, so be prepared.

Part of the trail can get muddy and wet, so be sure to have a good pair of hiking boots to last you through the hike!

Top 7 Mountain Hiking Spots in Asia

What our sport leaders are saying:

“Mud, sweat, but no tears. Be prepared to get your footwear soak in mud. It is possible to hike in sports shoe, I hiked with a pair of old sports shoe and threw it away as it takes a while to wash off the mud. Be aware of where you step as some muddy areas are quite deep, possibly up to knee level.”

Andy Tay
Hiking Sport Leader, Decathlon Bedok

2. Mount ijen, east java, indonesia

Distance of Hike: 14km Round Trip

Duration of Hike: Approximately 5 hours

Recommended Period to Go: April to October
Note that it is closed every first Friday of the month!

Difficulty: 2/10

Known for emitting blue flame, Mount Ijen is flocked by tourists to see this amazing sight.

The blue flames appear due to the combustion of sulfuric gases which emerge from the volcano cracks at high temperatures and pressures.

The hike up Mount Ijen can get tough as it is steep, however, it is highly recommended that you start early in the morning so you cannot see how steep it is!

Be prepared with a good gas mask to protect yourself from sulfuric gases as they can cause irritability and discomfort.

Top 7 Mountain Hiking Spots in Asia

What our sport leaders are saying:

The Overrated Blue Flame Lava Mountain. The climb begins in early morning, dark - you will need a headlamp. The initial trail is tar road but it can be steep considering done early in the morning. Very strong smell of sulphur - requires minimum N95 mask.

Musafir Lara Bin Selamat
Hiking Sport Leader, Decathlon Singapore Lab

3. Mount bromo, east java, indonesia

Duration of Hike: 20-30 minute hike, depending on fitness level.

Recommended Period to Go: April to October

Difficulty: 1/10

Mount Bromo has increasingly attracted tourists from all around the world. Famous for its spectacular view, hikers begin in the wee hours of the morning to experience the magnificent sunrise. 

The difficulty level may not be that high but it is highly recommended that you go prepared! 

The reason for the short hike is due to the mountain already being higher than the sea level, so the actual hike will be pretty quick for you to enjoy some fantastic views.

Gear up accordingly!

Having the right equipment and apparel is half the battle won when it climbs to mountain climbing.

Discover our full range of hiking products to get the ball rolling!

Top 7 Mountain Hiking Spots in Asia

What our sport leaders are saying:

Tourist Destination - but it is a beautiful view of Mount Bromo! It is more of a leisure tourist attraction, so look out for sea of people!

Musafir Lara Bin Selamat
Hiking Sport Leader, Decathlon Singapore Lab

4. Dragon’s back, hong kong

Distance of Hike: 8km

Duration of Hike: Approximately 3 hours!

Recommended Period to Go: October to April

Difficulty: 2/10

Dragon’s Back is a must visit when you are in Hong Kong! Named the best urban hike in Asia, Dragon’s Back invites you to have an experience of a lifetime.

It’s a relatively easy hike for all and it’s a great place to start your hiking adventures.

On the trail, you are promised spectacular views of Hong Kong which will make everything worth it! :)

Top 7 Mountain Hiking Spots in Asia

What our sport leaders are saying:

"Out of the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”
A wonderful place for anyone of any age! Great place to start with a beautiful scenery!
Highly recommended to end the hike at the beach!

Joy Tay
Hiking Sport Leader, Decathlon City Square Mall

5. Gunung semeru, bromo tengger-semeru national park, east java, indonesia

Distance: 21km

Duration of Hike: 2 days

Recommended Period to Go: April - November

Difficulty: 8/10

Mount Semeru is an active volcano and the highest mountain in Java, Indonesia.

This trek will require great physical fitness as the paths are steep and uneven. Some trekkers might take 3 days to conquer this mountain.

Mount Semeru is known to be an abode of the Gods and is highly respected by locals.

The second day of the trek is usually dedicated to reaching the summit and you should be prepared for the temperature!

Top 7 Mountain Hiking Spots in Asia

What our sport leaders are saying:

It is not the mountain that is conquered during the trek, but ourselves.

Rabinder Singh
Hiking Sport Leader, Decathlon City Square Mall

6. Gunung kerinci, jambi, sumatra - indonesia

Distance of Hike: 2,300m climbing height

Duration of Hike: 2 days, 1 night trek

Recommended Period to Go: April - September

Difficulty: 7/10

Mount Kerinci is the tallest volcano in Indonesia and it becoming more popular with hikers & trekkers.

Kerinci is a highly active volcano and eruptions happen from time to time.

This mountain will push you to your limits and this will be a great experience for those who are physically fit to conquer this mountain!

However, you have to always prepare fairly well to scale this mountain and never downplay the demands of Mount Kerinci.

Top 7 Mountain Hiking Spots in Asia

What our sport leaders are saying:

Tough Hike - The Test of Will! On certain part of the trail, required to go on four wheels - meaning going on all four - hands & legs to pull up on the terrain. Trail are not man-made and comfortable as Kinabalu. Can be a real challenge!

Musafir Lara Bin Selamat
Hiking Sport Leader, Decathlon Singapore Lab

7. Mount kinabalu, sabah, malaysia

Distance of Hike: 13,435 feet above sea level

Duration of Hike: Approximately 2D/1N or 3D/2N hike

Recommended Period to Go: March - September

Physical Difficulty: 6/10

Mount Kinabalu is one of the highest peaks in South East Asia and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Standing at 13,435 feet, many flock to conquer the mountain every year. After the 2015 earthquake, Sabah National Parks has made it compulsory to complete the trek in at least 2 Days 1 Night as many trails were destroyed. Be careful, the temperatures are the peak can dip to 0 degrees in the morning, prep yourself well by getting the right gear!

What our sport leaders are saying:

Definitely a good introduction to Mountain Hiking. Climbed when I was 15 but it wasn't difficult until the summit attack. Need the constant drive from within to reach the summit!

Hiking Sport Leader, Decathlon Singapore Lab

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