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Scenic cycling routes in singapore: east coast park

Read this guide as we share our recommended cycling route for one of the most panoramic stretches in Singapore!

With the increasing number of cycling routes in Singapore, we share with you a series of 1 - 2 hour routes worth the ride.

This time, we'll be checking out one of the most scenic and popular routes in Singapore - East Coast Park!

Scenic Cycling Routes in Singapore Part 1: East Coast Park

Introducing: east coast park

East Coast Park (ECP) is easily one of the most popular hangout spots for Singaporeans.

There are great restaurants, playgrounds, barbecue pits and grassy areas perfect for picnics. Perfect for a day-out of family fun!  

The best part for sports enthusiasts is the long pathway that spans the whole beach.

This beloved beachside stretch is no stranger to cyclists – this 10km shared pathway was designed for cyclists, runners, and various path users alike.

With numerous revamps in recent years, this coastal route comes highly recommended for its stunning views, wide designated cycling paths, and pit stop options aplenty.

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Otherwise, you can consider bike-sharing or the bike rental shops located along East Coast Park.
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 10km
Terrain: Easy


Start point: east coast carpark g (just in front of the national sailing centre)

Parking is easily available nearby for those planning to drive to the start point (East Coast Car Park G).

For those intending to cycle, you may enter from the Bedok park connector that starts from Laguna National Driving Range, just off East Coast Road.

Do note you will have to cross under the ECP briefly – remember to dismount and push your bike when using the underpass!

RC club

Stop #1: Marine parade radio control modellers club

The Marine Parade Radio Control Modellers Club (or MPRCM for short) operates a race track made specially for radio control (R/C) cars.

Its a popular spot for local R/C car enthusiasts to bring their cars for a quick spin or to face off each other in races.

If you’re lucky, you might catch the exhilarating whine of RC cars racing around the race track!


Stop #2: Bougainvillea garden

Find yourself surrounded by the beauty of lush pink and purple bougainvilleas at Bougainvillea Garden!

There is also a lookout point here; you may walk your bike up the spiral ramp to have a panoramic view of the coastline and the surrounding areas.

Do exercise some caution coming back down, as the ramp is steep and goes both ways.

Xtreme skatepark

Stop #3: Xtreme skate park

On the weekends, Xtreme Skatepark is packed with skateboarders, inline skaters and even freestyle scooterists honing their skills on the park’s various features.

As it was the school holidays, we managed to catch quite a number of the local kids at the park.

If you're feeling adventurous, you might try rolling down some of the ramps or bowls, though we definitely recommend some elbow and knee pads if you plan on doing so!

East Coast Park food center

Stop #4: East coast lagoon food village

The East Coast Lagoon Food Village is popular with locals and tourists alike, and tends to be jam-packed on the weekends.

It also happens to boast a panoramic view of the beach and seaside.

If you did not happen to load up on some pre-ride nutrition, here would be a good place to do so.

Find a wide variety of local fare – we recommend some sticks of satay washed down with a refreshing mug of sugarcane juice!

Wakeboard park

Stop #5: Singapore wake park

Those familiar with East Coast Park would have remembered Ski 360, the former name of the Singapore Wake Park.

This man-made lake was specially designed for wakeboard enthusiasts.

Reopened in 2016 after a 2-year hiatus, the wakeboard park was revamped under new management.

If you’re lucky, you might catch some wakeboarders practicing their stunts on the ramps, spines and various obstacles on the water!

skills park

Stop #6: Cyclist park

The Cyclist Park is a new area opened in late 2019, built to cater to cycling enthusiasts young and old.

It hosts a myriad of cafes, a convenience store and even a bike shop to make a pit stop at!

Don't forget to check out the pump tracks, skills courses and other obstacles designed to allow cyclists of all levels to brush up on their cycling skills.

Give it a try – just remember to start slow if it’s your first time!

bridge up

End point: Metal bridge along fort road

Complete a 20 minutes ride parallel to the ECP expressway with the coast to your left before you reach this iconic green metal bridge.

You’ll have to climb a bit on a metal bridge that brings you over and past Fort Road, but enjoy the free and easy coast down the other side after!

And that wraps up the first part of our scenic cycling routes series.

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