How to wash a feather and down jacket

How to wash a feather and down ski winter jacket

We know that putting a winter jacket in the washing machine can be stressful. Don't panic! You can clean it without damaging the feather filling. Be careful not to clean your jacket too often or you might damage it.

How to wash your down jacket?

Before hitting the slopes, it is worth finding out how to properly maintain your down jacket, which must be washed in a special way.

In order to maintain the technical properties of the jacket, it is important to follow this washing and drying process closely.

While it is essential to have a good jacket – with or without down – in your arsenal for going on an adventure, they are often among the most difficult items of clothing to maintain.

If done right, the washing process should not only remove marks and odours from the jacket, but it will also rejuvenate the insulating properties of the filling. We know that putting a ski winter jacket in the washing machine can be stressful. Don't panic! 

You can clean it with special products that will not damage the feather filling. Be careful not to clean your jacket too often or you might damage it. Just follow these easy steps to keep it in top condition after your ski/winter outings.

How to wash a feather and down jacket

First Stage

Close the zips and pockets. Once the zip is closed, turn the jacket inside out. This will prevent the outer layer from tearing in the drum of the washing machine.

How to wash a feather and down jacket

Second Step

Deep, stubborn stains should be cleaned with a special down cleaner, and soaked for about 15 minutes.

Third Step: Machine Wash Your Jacket

down jacket in the washing machine

- Empty the detergent drawer of your washing machine, because any remaining conventional washing product could damage your down jacket. Put it in the washing machine on its own so it doesn't catch on anything, and fill the drawer with the cleaning product of your choice. Be sure to check the instructions on the back of the packet regarding the quantities.

- Run a cold wash and select the "delicate" or "hand wash" setting if you have one.

- As soon as the washing machine beeps - don't leave your jacket in the machine for too long or it will start to smell! 

- Run a quick rinse cycle to make sure the washing product has been eliminated.

- To dry your down jacket, run several spin cycles, then gently wring out the excess water by hand, taking care not to crush the down filling too much and alter its shape.

How to wash a feather and down jacket

Fourth Step: Drying Your Down Jacket In The Open Air

You can dry your down jacket on a drying rack in a well-ventilated space, however, a tumble dryer will produce the best results.

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Other Washing Techniques: Drying Your Down Jacket In A Tumble Dryer

Set your dryer to the lowest setting and add your down jacket along with two dryer balls or clean tennis balls. As they bounce about inside in the drum, the balls will restore the loft of the feathers, preventing them from sticking together and losing their insulating power. 

It will take a few hours for your jacket to dry completely, and it's a good idea to pause the dryer's drying cycle every half hour to shake it and make sure the feathers aren't clumping. You'll know your jacket is dry inside and outside when it feels light and fluffy.

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Other Washing Techniques: Dry Cleaning Your Down Jacket

If you are still afraid of damaging your down jacket, we recommend that you take it to a dry cleaner that will take care of it, without any problem.

Additional Tips:

How To Restore The Loft Of A Down Jacket After Washing It

When you take your down jacket/jacket out of the machine, it will probably be all "flat". We advise you to dry it flat to prevent all the feathers from falling down to the bottom of the down jacket.

Friendly word of advice: Never dry your jacket on a radiator

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1) If you use your down jacket weekly, you should try to wash it at least every two months. For seasonal users, twice a year should be enough.

2) Don't be tempted to put just any old washing product in the drum with your favourite jacket. Normal washing products can strip the feathers of their natural oils, making them weak and brittle (we want them to stay strong and fluffy to keep you warm!)

3) Never iron your down jacket. (it would melt!)

4) Always store your jacket (and anything filled with down for that matter) in a cool, dry place, and hang it rather than crumpling it or folding it in a bag, if possible.

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