thermal base layers

How to choose thermal base layers

Thermal wear plays a big part in keeping you warm during the winter season. Read on to discover the 3 different kinds that we have at Decathlon Singapore!

Thermal base layers are essential to keeping yourself warm in cold weather as they help to keep your body dry from perspiration.

It is the first layer to wear before your second and third layer.

In this article, discover the 3 types of thermal base layers for adults and kids at Decathlon Singapore.

How to Choose Thermal Base Layers at Decathlon Singapore?

1. Base layer 100

The most basic and affordable Base Layer 100 provides both comfort and warmth thanks to its brushed interior.

Due to its moisture-wicking properties, this entry-level base layer will keep you warm. However, due to the nature of its material which is polyester, it does not dry as quickly and has a lower ability to reduce odour.

This is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable base layer and will not be practicing intensive sports in winter or perhaps just traveling for leisure in cold countries.

Available in black for adults and kids.

How to Choose Thermal Base Layer

2A. base layer 500

Similar to the Base Layer 100, this is perfect for low-intensity activity in cold weather, but are looking for a warm and slightly breathable base layer.

The difference between Base Layer 100 and Base Layer 500? The latter does a better job at moisture management.

It provides superb thermal properties with its innovative 3D waffle structure that traps warm air from your body and wicks moisture away from your skin at the same time.

Do note that bottoms for the Base Layer 500 do not come in a full length compared to the other two thermal types! It is specially designed to accommodate socks - this is to prevent creating folds when you wear your winter boots that might compromise your comfort.

Available for adults in 2 colours (not available for kids, but read on to find out a substitute for them below).

How to Choose Thermal Base Layer

2B. kids' base layer top - 2warm

Keep your kids warm and comfortable in cold weather with this base layer!

This baselayer series was coined 2WARM because there are two different ways you can wear it!
You can flip it around to choose the level of warmth you'd like, depending on which side is on your skin.

The warmer and less smooth side comprises an innovative fabric of solid and hollow areas that delivers 30% more heat than the smooth side.

Children can choose how warm they want to be depending on the outside temperature and the activities they will do.

On top of that, the neck area is designed to act as a neck warmer - plus points for that!

The 2WARM series comes in two colours for kids and is only available in tops.

How to Choose Thermal Base Layer

3. Base layer 500 (freshwarm)

The Base Layer 500 FRESHWARM is designed for those who are planning to go on hikes, treks, and doing any sort of sport or activity with a medium intensity level in cold weather.

It provides an excellent balance between warmth and breathability thanks to its breathable insert (on the back for the top and back of the knee for the bottom).

Tried and tested, the ventilation provided by the back panel is the best part of the whole design, which is super useful especially if you are practicing sports in cold weather.

Just like the Base Layer 100, it is only available in black for adults. Available in burgundy and black for kids.

We hope that you found this guide to base layers in Decathlon Singapore useful.

Should you need further clarification, do not hesitate to approach our friendly Sports Leaders at any of our stores islandwide.

If you have questions on how to layer or dress for cold weather, read our guides below!

How to Choose Thermal Base Layer

Written by: arfah

Hiking department manager, bedok

Do not forget to have fun while practicing sports! Discover yourself through sports :)

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