7 Essential Cold Wear to Stay Warm when Traveling in Winter

7 Winter Wear to Stay Warm When Traveling in Winter

Booked your next winter trip?

Staying warm is key to making the best memories. After all, it's hard to enjoy yourself when you're freezing half the time, right?

Where's the best place to find winter clothes? Decathlon, of course!

Here are 7 essential winter wear to ensure you stay warm and toasty throughout the entire trip – from winter jackets to winter socks and more!

7 Essential Cold Wear to Stay Warm when Traveling in Winter

1. Thermals

An essential cold wear list isn't complete if you don't include thermals in it.

They're essentially a second skin that traps heat to keep you warm, and ensure that you're adequately protected from large winds.

Not only do they protect you from the cold, they also have sweat-wicking properties that ensure you stay dry while moving about or doing outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and snowboarding.

The best part? They are usually form-hugging and one thermal can easily substitute for the warmth of 2 - 3 shirts, so don't worry about looking like a ball on your trip wearing multiple layers.

Don't forget to get some for both your upper body and legs!

7 Essential Cold Wear to Stay Warm when Traveling in Winter

2. Winter jacket

Winter jackets may seem like a duh moment here, but it's key to note that not all winter jackets are made equal.

Here are the different types of winter jackets you could consider based on the type of activities you plan to do and type of climate you plan to visit:

If you're planning to do outdoor winter activities (skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating):

Fleece jackets will do just the job. Soft and insulating, they are best for their moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties.

If you're planning to stay super warm in a city that is not prone to rain:

Down jackets will be your best friend. Not only do they provide the most warmth in the world of winter jackets, they're also lightweight!

Pro-tip: If you want the lightest and warmest jacket, look for a down jacket with the highest fill power.

If you're planning to stay in a city that is prone to rain:

Down jackets may be great, but they do not dry quickly when wet. Here's where synthetic down jackets or windbreakers come to play!

Synthetic down jackets or windbreakers are designed to provide the same warmth and lightweight of a down jacket, yet retain these properties even if they get wet.

However, do note that they do not provide as much warmth as down jackets.

7 Essential Cold Wear to Stay Warm when Traveling in Winter

3. Winter boots

Winter boots are arguably the best footwear to have if you are planning to visit a country with snow.

Their durability will ensure that your ankles will have ample support so that you don't end up slipping and falling on ice.

They also protect your feet from cold and wet, which is great if you are planning to mostly get around by foot.

If fashion is your main concern, don't worry. We've got a range of winter boots that will harmoniously blend practicality and style, ensuring you stay safe and warm while looking good. What's not to love?

Discover our winter boots collection today!

7 Essential Cold Wear to Stay Warm when Traveling in Winter

4. Winter socks

Simply lugging on a pair of winter boots isn't going to complete the job.

Ensure your feet stay the warmest they can be by pairing them with a pair of winter socks!

If you're planning on doing outdoor activities, get winter socks that are specially designed for the specific activity you are going to do.

This will ensure you get the right amount of breathability and quick-drying properties required for the sport.

7 Essential Cold Wear to Stay Warm when Traveling in Winter

5. Gloves

Tiny but mighty, winter gloves are the underdogs of this list.

The best-kept secret to keeping warm is ensuring your extremities are sufficiently covered, and your hands/fingers are no exception!

It's essential to get waterproof ones if you're going to a rainy place or planning to do outdoor activities.

Otherwise, wool or fleece gloves will provide ample comfort and warmth.

7 Essential Cold Wear to Stay Warm when Traveling in Winter

6. Neck warmer

Neck warmers are another highly underrated cold wear essential.

What's more painful than sub-zero temperatures? Having your neck, nose and mouth and exposed to harsh winds that come with it.

Do yourself a service and get a neck warmer to protect your face and neck from getting cold and wind burned - yes, wind burn is a thing!

The neat part about neck warmers is that they also double up as sun protection, which will come in handy on hot days in Singapore.

7 Essential Cold Wear to Stay Warm when Traveling in Winter

7. Beanie

Last but not least, get a beanie to complete your winter wear essentials shopping list.

Think of a beanie as the cherry on top of the cake.

In cold climates, a hat is essential as it literally keeps a cap on your body heat.

Not to mention, if it starts raining, it'll also keep your head dry - which is great, as you wouldn't want your tresses turning into icicles anytime soon.

Aaand there you have it! Our list of 7 essential cold wear to ensure you have the most enjoyable winter trip ever.

If you need more layering tips and tricks, check out our How to Layer Effectively for a Winter Trip article.

In the meantime, here's wishing you a great trip, and feel free to check out the rest of our winter collection below.

What Should I Wear to Stay Warm in Winter? 7 Essential Cold Wear

Written by: Odelia Chan

Hiking Digital Sports Leader, Decathlon Singapore

Life's an adventure, go ahead and scale it!

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