Comment entretenir mon vélo elliptique ?

Maintaining your cross trainer

Stay safe on your cross trainer and extend its lifetime by cleaning and maintaining it regularly. We teach you how to with this guide!

The more attentive you are to your machine, the more it will accompany you over time. 

Follow this guide to properly maintain your elliptical cross trainer.

Comment entretenir mon vélo elliptique ?

Clean your elliptical in just 1 minute!

After each session, remember to clean your elliptical trainer with a soft cloth dampened with water.

When cleaning, pay attention to traces of perspiration, which are corrosive and indelible in the long term for your machine.

Do not forget to unplug your elliptical trainer before cleaning it, and leave the adapter unplugged after use.

If your model has a heart rate measurement belt, remember to clean it with water after each session.

Comment entretenir mon vélo elliptique ?

Check the key parts of your elliptical trainer regularly

The first essential element is the stability of your fitness equipment. 

Pay attention to signs of rocking and abnormal noises during your sessions - this could mean that your bike's pads are not properly adjusted. 

A stable device will be quieter and safer.

For proper adjustment of your elliptical trainer, take the time to check the tightness of the assembly screws regularly, in order to guarantee safe practice.

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