How to choose the right shoes for walking

Follow our guide to find the right pair of walking shoes in Singapore!

The benefits of fitness walking?

Sports specialists define walking as "the nearest thing you can get to the ideal physical exercise". 

Some of the main advantages of fitness walking:

1. You can do it anywhere and anytime

2. Low investment sport - you just need the right shoes, and you're ready to go!

3. A complete physical activity that exercises many muscles

4. Prevents diabetes, heart disease 

5. Low-impact sport that everyone can enjoy - risk of injury is minimal

6. Burns up to 380 calories every hour!

All these, and the list goes on!

What type of shoes should you wear for walking in singapore?

When fitness walking, the requirements of your feet are specific to this discipline.

Indeed, the movement of the foot is not the same as when running: your heel strikes the ground with a slight backward movement. Then, without leaving the ground, your foot rolls through fully from the outside of your heel to the big toe, which propels your stride forward.

Therefore, you will need shoes with less cushioning than those made for running. For fitness walking, you will need support and stability to keep your foot aligned in your direction of progress while also having the flexibility to allow your foot to roll through properly.

Discover the various types of walking personas below, and determine the type of shoe you will need based on which one you are:

1. Fitness walker

If you walk at a moderate pace (under 6km/h) to feel good in body and mind and/or to get back in shape, you are an active walker.

When you are active walking you'll need a flexible shoe to accompany the heel-to-toe transition of your foot, and also a good level of cushioning!

Why does fitness walking require flexible shoes with a good level of cushioning?

When you are active walking the impact of your foot on the ground is 1.5 times the weight of your body with each step. In order to limit feeling this impact and thus gain more comfort, you should choose flexible active walking shoes that are equipped with good cushioning.


1A. flexibility in every step

PW500 Men's Fitness Walking Shoes

The specially engineered Flex-H grooves and lightweight fabric provide optimal flexibility.

Soft breathable material and ultra-ventilated soles ensure all-round ventilation for feet.

2. Fast walker

If you walk at a faster pace, (above 6km/h) to strengthen your heart and tone your body, you are a fast walker. When you go fast walking, you need flexible shoes that enable a smooth heel-to-toe transition while also giving you propulsion!

Why does fast walking require flexible shoes that also give propulsion?

The faster you walk, the more pronounced the movements of your feet (from when your heel hits the ground to when you push off forwards). In fast walking you are trying to go faster so you'll need a pair of shoes to accompany this dynamic movement: rear grips, grip and front propulsion through the big toe. 

3. Nordic walker

If you walk with poles for fitness or to strengthen your heart and tone your body, you are a Nordic walker. When you go Nordic walking, you need a flexible shoe to accompany the heel-to-toe transition of your foot, that also provides you with grip!

Why does Nordic walking require flexible shoes with a good amount of grip?

Nordic walking is generally done on versatile terrains that can be quite loose and wet such as country paths, forest paths, walking across grass, etc. These types of more specific ground need a choice of footwear that is flexible and that can offer good grip on various types of terrain to avoid slipping and to maintain a dynamic pace of Nordic walking.


3A. durability in all terrains

NW900 Women's Nordic Walking Shoes

The 4mm lugged rubber sole provides very good grip across a variety of terrains.

PU inserts in the sole at the front and heel provides extra propulsion. 

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Walking?

Written by: terence cheaeh

Digital sports leader, running/walking

"No matter the sport, the right pair of shoes will change your life!"