4 Quick Tips For A Walkathon

4 Quick tips for a walkathon in singapore

Prevention is better than cure! Read on to know some basic preparations before embarking on a walkathon.

A walkathon may sound like an easy feat, but without proper preparation, you might end up regretting your decision before you reach the finishing point.
Read on for some tips to prepare yourself before you embark on one!

4 Quick Tips For A Walkathon

Hydrate well

First thing on the list - drink up! You are bound to sweat so it is crucial to constantly hydrate yourself especially in this merciless Singapore weather.

We are pretty sure you wouldn't want to hold on to your bottle the whole time during the walkathon so we recommend getting a hydration bag!

Just drink on the go and free your hands to take pictures. Plus point - Decathlon's hydration bags have small compartments for you to keep your essentials!

4 Quick Tips For A Walkathon

Sun protection

Completing a walkathon in Singapore's hot and humid weather is a killer, so it is important to protect yourself well from the sun! Otherwise, you will end up looking like a lobster with peeling skin - yikes.

Fret not, just remember to have these essentials: a hat, sunglasses, arm sleeves and sunblock!

Pro-tip: It's best to have hats that have a wider coverage or caps that come with a neck cover to protect your neck. Remember to apply sunblock every now and then as well.

4 Quick Tips For A Walkathon

Happy feet

Conquer the walkathon seamlessly with the right shoes – comfort is key here. For the best experience, make sure to get lightweight shoes that provide the best support and cushioning. Opt for high-cut ones if you have ankle problems!

Consider getting insoles if you feel that you need the extra comfort and pack some anti-blister tape, just in case your shoes 'bite' you!

4 Quick Tips For A Walkathon

Stretch well

Lastly, warm up before and after the walkathon with proper stretches if you don't want to pull any muscles! Concentrate on your hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves.

Remember to do this step, lest you want to wake up with really bad muscle aches the next morning!

Be mentally and physically prepared to conquer a walkathon, especially if it's your first! Bring along family and friends for some bonding time, and take this opportunity to have some nice conversations while walking. The long walk will miraculously end faster if you are enjoying every moment - that we guarantee!

4 Quick Tips For A Walkathon

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Remember to have fun exploring different sports!