cross trainer domyos challenge

4-Week ultimate calorie burn programme

Have a cross trainer or exercise bike at home that's been collecting dust? Get back to the grind with this four week programme!

Full of motivation when you bought your exercise bike or cross trainer, but have since lost all your resolve? Don't fret - we might have the answer to get you back in the saddle!

Since we all need goals for our workouts, here is a workout plan to bring you back to your exercise bike or cross trainer. 

Want to gain muscle? Get toned? Burn calories? Work on thighs, glutes, abs, and stay in shape? 

This 3x a week programme is accessible to everyone, offering a gentle way to get moving and burn off some energy over the weeks.

The interval training it offers will burn a significant number of calories, perfect if you're trying to firm up certain parts of your body. 

Designed with care and love by our Domyos coach, these workouts can also apply to any cardio machine, whether a treadmill, bike, or rowing machine. 

Read on for more!

Domyos cross trainer cardio training programme

Week 1

To get back to working out, we propose two 30-minute sessions with a 3-minute warm-up to start out.

Then, create a sequence of one minute of fairly intense effort (between 160-180 bpm), followed by two minutes of active recovery.

Note that you shouldn't stop between sequences!

Repeat these three minutes ten times in a row, which adds up to a solid half-hour of effort.

To close those 30 minutes, set aside two minutes at a low intensity to recover.

During this week, we also suggest doing one longer workout - in this case, one hour at 125 bpm.

Domyos cross trainer cardio training programme

Week 2

Keep up the effort! We'll continue this second week with two 30-minute interval workouts, starting with a 3-minute warm-up.

Then sequence one minute of effort (between 160-180 bpm), then one minute of active recovery, without stopping

Do the whole thing 15 times for a 30-minute workout! 

End with two minutes at a low intensity to bring your heart rate back down.

Round out your week with one hour-long workout, this time at 130 bpm.

cross trainer cardio

Week 3

For this third week of workouts, we'll continue keeping it to two 30-minute interval sessions with a 3-minute warm-up.

This time, start with one minute of effort (between 160-180 bpm), followed by 30 seconds of active recovery

Don't stop moving between the effort and recovery phases. 

Repeat this combination 20 times to create your 30-minute workout. 

Return to two minutes at a low intensity.

On the schedule for the third week, one longer 60-minute workout at 135 bpm.

cross trainer cardio

Week 4

For the last week of this programme, we'll continue to keep it at two 30-minute interval workouts! 

After your warm-up, do 30 seconds of effort (between 160-180 bpm), followed by 30 seconds of active recovery

The pace is more intense - that's normal - and it all gets repeated 30 times to complete your 30-minute workout. 

Again, recover with two minutes at a low intensity.

And to wrap it up, your long workout is still one hour, but this time at 140 bpm.

How should you assess if you are performing your exercises correctly?

If your devices don't have a heart rate detector, you can use a heart rate monitor.

But some of your abilities during effort are excellent indicators: during an intense effort (160-180 bpm), it should be impossible to talk, you'll sweat a lot, and your heart rate accelerates intensely.

During moderate effort (130-140 bpm), it is possible to talk, you are starting to sweat, and your heart rate accelerates gently.

During a low-intensity effort (recovery), you can easily talk or even sing, and your body moves "on its own".

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