Looking for running routes that not only challenge you but provide spectacular views? We have a few recommendations for you to try this weekend!


#1: Punggol Waterway

Punggol Waterway is globally recognised by the International Water Association when it was the first in Asia to receive the prestigious Global Superior Achievement Award for being an outstanding project.~~Running through Punggol Waterway Park along the river will allow you to witness magnificent views, especially during sunrise and sunset.~~This popular route, loved by many runners, can bring you to Lorong Halus Wetlands and Coney Island to be one with nature.~Psst, check out the Sunrise Point, the view of the sunrise there is spectacular! :)


#2: Kallang Basin

The Kallang Basin running route is loved by many and is frequented by runners everyday.~~If you want to get a great view at Singapore’s spectacular landscape, this is the route to take! You will be welcomed by the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, and our multiple skyscrapers.~~Running this route in the evening is great at the sea breeze will cool things down and you can stand in awe at Singapore’s lighted up landscape! :)

#3: Marina Bay

Bring your running habit to the heart of Singapore! The trails around Marina Bay offer great sights for runners. Enjoy the views of the Merlion, Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay!~~There is so much to see around Marina Bay and you should not miss out on the opportunity to do so. No more excuses to not run after work when there are perfect trails to do so.


#4: East Coast Park 

East Coast Park, also known as ECP, is the go-to place for everyone! From kite-flying to cycling, everyone has something to do here. You will most probably see a huge number of runners along ECP.~~This runners' hot spot is loved by many as marathons in Singapore utilise this route often. No matter the time of the day, ECP offers the pleasing views of the sea with many ships docked, awaiting their turn to get to the harbour.~~Views are exceptional during sunrise and sunset and many come to ECP just for that. Grab your running shoes and get to ECP! :)

#5: Kent Ridge Park

This hidden gem is not as popular as other running routes but Kent Ridge Park has a lot to offer to runners!~~The lush greenery and blue skies will bring you to complete tranquility while running as you will be in awe of the park’s beauty.~~It is one of the hidden running routes that many are not aware of but don’t overlook this beauty, this park might just be your next favourite running route! :)




Bonus #1: Jurong Lake Park

Jurong Lake Park is a popular recreation area in the West and activities can be enjoyed by many all year round. From dragon boating to kayaking, even simple leisure walks!~~Running through here will be great as you will visit not only Jurong Lake Park, but also Japanese Gardens and Chinese Gardens. This enormous park is visited by people of all age groups and there’s something to do for everyone, especially running! :)

Bonus #2: Labrador Park

Labrador Park offers mix of nature and history because you get to run amongst the mangroves, forest, and relics of Singapore’s past. Some of the relics that you will come across will include an actual cannon that defended our coastline in WWII!~~This is the perfect route to take for those who want to appreciate nature and history both at the same time or even bring the little ones through a journey of nostalgia! :)


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 Simarpreet Kaur

Simarpreet Kaur

Digital Sport Leader - Hiking

Growing up, I was never a fan of the outdoors, but that all changed when I started hiking in my teenage years! Now, most of my trips and plans involve hiking and it allows me to clear my mind and enjoy the views that I witness at the end! :)