5 Breathtaking scuba diving spots in southeast asia

Explore beautiful corals & spectacular marine life at these dive spots. Each of these spots will give you an unforgettable glimpse of life underwater.


Sipadan island, malaysia

The beautiful Sipadan Island is a hotspot for diving. Located off the east coast of Sabah, the world’s third largest island, Sipadan Island welcomes divers with crystal clear turquoise water.~~If you are planning to dive here, be sure to purchase a permit from the resort you are staying at. There are only 120 diving permits per day on a first come first serve basis daily. There are no permits given in advance. Additionally, you can no longer stay in Sipadan Island itself, plan well and have a good dive!


Similan islands, thailand

The Similan Islands are protected as a marine national park which includes Koh Bon and Koh Tachai. This group of 9 islands are visited by many who visit Thailand. The vast marine life attracts divers on a yearly basis. Many opt to live on the islands itself for a few days as accommodation is available.~~However, be sure to check the dates for the diving season. The monsoon season can dampen the diving mood. Divers are welcomed by the lush greenery of the Islands with granite boulders and white sandy beaches but will be completely blown off by what lies beneath the water. Similan Islands’ beauty has allowed it to claim to be Thailand’s and Asia’s top scuba diving destinations!


Layang layang, malaysia

Known as “The Jewel of the Borneo Banks”, Layang Layang Island is one of the most exotic islands that offers divers a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The coral bliss that divers witness stretches across the ocean bed and the marine life tops it all off! The pristine clear waters invited divers from all over the world to experience this fantasy and it is definitely not to be missed!


Banda islands, indonesia

The Banda Islands are a group of 10 small volcanic islands South East of Ambon. Upon arriving to the islands, you will be welcomed by a feeling of being home amongst the overpowering volcanoes. However, Banda Islands is not only known for its volcanoes, but also their coral reefs, which are lauded to be some of the world’s best and healthiest. Every season in Banda Islands welcomes something new.~~The transition seasons from October till December and from February till May are spoiling you with magnificent visibilities whereas the more turbid plankton-rich times after the southeast monsoon in August and September will surprise you with incredible numbers of fish and more frequent encounters with larger pelagics. These islands are probably the best you will dive at!


Riau islands, indonesia

Diving can be also close to home such as the Riau Islands. You are able to make a short trip of approximately 2 hours to the Riau Islands to start your diving adventure. These islands are a great way for Singaporeans to start diving without spending too much, especially since it’s closer to home.~~You are free to dive with your buddy (if you’re certified) or a professional there and experience the beauty of marine life. Do not overlook the Riau Islands, it might offer you what you’re just looking for!

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