5 Simple tips to boost your running motivation

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s difficult to find the motivation to go for a run!

Whether it’s because we always run the same old route, or because we just need that extra push - here are 5 tips to make sure you will always want and love to run!


1. Be adventurous

Disrupt your running habits to boost your motivation!~~Be curious in discovering alternatives to your normal track. For example, start your run from different locations or find new routes around your neighborhood. Additionally, mixing up the terrain (trail, road etc.) and varying the running environment can also help boost your motivation.~~Do you prefer to run in the forest, a park or with the sea view? From MacRitchie, Chinese Garden to East Coast, you have plenty of different options!~~How about running at night? It’s the best time to enjoy the cool weather and a peaceful moment amidst the buzzing Singapore. You will definitely feel new sensations and will probably run faster than in the daylight!~~Dare to exit from your favorite running routes, mix on road and off road trails, run in the day and night! Basically, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone & reveal your inner adventurous spirit :)


2. Be ambitious

Dare to run more often, longer or faster!~~Obviously we all have different levels when it comes to running but we all share one common point: we can set our own goals and do our best to achieve them.~~It’s important to take some time to define clear and achievable objectives all around the year. If you really want to push yourself, maybe try registering for some races! Once you register for a race, I’m sure you will have the motivation to train & be ready for the D-day!~~If you just started running, you can increase the frequency, distance or the intensity of your exercices as much as you can.~~Already running 10km? Challenge yourself and register to races such as Singapore half-marathon.~~Finished your first half-marathon? Why not trying a full marathon in Singapore or overseas?~~There is always a more challenging objective to get to :)


3. Keep track of your progress

Tracking your runs and observing your progress will also help boost your motivation. You will be amazed by the progress you are capable of!~~Get to know your average speed, time, distance and heart rate through heart rate sensors and mobile applications such as Strava. You can also challenge yourself by comparing your performance to your previous runs and to the ones of your friends.

4. Team up with runners

Another great way to keep your motivation up is to meet and run with passionate runners. You will enjoy your running sessions much more as the effort will seem easier together. You will also be able to encourage each other. Running with a team is a good way to keep pushing you and your group to perform better.~~Looking for a running club? Join us on Facebook and Strava! We share running tips, events and more!


Celebrate victories

Work hard, play hard!~~Every run is a new step of your training programme. Running should never be a punishment, enjoy what you have accomplished and focus on your achievements. For example, treat yourself to your favorite food as a reward if it gives you extra motivation.~~You can also share your running accomplishments on your social media and get some likes from your friends - be proud of your runs!



Digital sport leader - running

I am a (trail) run-aholic, I love to exit my comfort zone and challenge myself. Most importantly, running makes me feel alive!