Kids Sports Day Singapore

Affordable sports equipment for sports day in singapore

Looking to host Sports Day at your school? Here we have affordable items and equipment perfect for this exciting event in school.

Sports Day for students in Singapore is a shared memory among kids of all generations.

However, organising Sports Day can be a difficult challenge for those involved.

At Decathlon, we offer bulk purchases to schools and other institutions that will not only be great for events, but also for PE classes.

Here's a list of recommended items and equipment that would make the next Sports Day in your school a perfect one!

Kids Running Sports Day

Sports items & equipment

Because of the sheer amount of sports that can be played by all, organisers of Sports Day events could be spoiled for choice when curating events.

Apart from sport equipment, students can also enjoy goodie bags or bundles. This can be given to all students or as a prize depending on your budget. 

Let's get started!

Best (& Affordable) Equipment for Sports Day in Singapore

1. Sports balls

Games can be easily organised around the use of a ball and some free space.

It is cost-effective as it allows many students to participate with just the use of one item.

Here are some options you could consider:

- volleyballs

- netballs

- footballs

- basketballs

- foam balls

Games such as captain's ball, dodgeball, basketball and soccer can be organised with these items for Sports Day.

Even after Sports Day has ended, these sports balls would be great for PE classes in school.

Sports Training Cones

2. Cones

Cones are great marking out areas or creating stations for races or sports events. 

We have a variety of cones that come in different colours and sizes. 

Teachers can also use them for CCA practices after.

Sports Bibs

3. Coloured bibs

When students and children mesh altogether, it can be very confusing to identify the different teams from each other. 

This is where bibs come in handy! 

We have affordable bibs in bright colours that will be useful for keeping track of the teams.

They come in handy for other extracurricular activities that involve groups.

Sports Goal Net

4. Goal posts

Team sports are great for school-wide sports events. 

Objectives are easy to explain and many students can be involved.

For example, many games can be built around having goal posts and nets being implemented. 

Some ideas you could try: football, handball or even frisbee.

Sports Day Floorball Stick

5. Floorball sticks & equipment

Floorball is a great game for beginners and easy to involve as many people as possible. 

All you need are floorball sticks, a floorball and goalposts. 

This intense and adrenaline-pumping game is great for students during sports events, PE classes and CCA training.

Drawstring Bag

6. Goodie bags & sports bundle

Lastly, goodie bags and bundle packs are a great addition to every Sports Day event in school. 

Who doesn't love gifts, especially children? 

With our drawstring bags, you can turn them into goodie bags which the kids can use for their own personal belongings in the future! 

For some ideas, you can include water bottles, snacks or even coupons within our drawstring bags.

 If you're low on budget, you can consider using these drawstring bags as prize bundles for the winners during Sports Day instead.

Don't look further for affordable sports equipment in bulk. 

Make Decathlon your top choice of sports equipment supplier the next time you purchase for your school or institution. 

We have special discounts for purchases in bulk and a wide array in our catalogue - sports balls, PE equipment, apparel, you name it!