6 ways to prepare for your first running event

If you want to make the most out of this race and be as ready as possible, avoid making these 6 commonly made mistakes!

1. Preparing early

It’s D-Day! You’ve been waiting for this race, and you’re ready to slay your run. But... there are a few things to take care of first!

To be fully ready, you need to get your essentials ready a few days before. This means running clothes, shoes and running gear.

This will ensure that you'll be raring and ready to go on race day.

P.S. Don’t forget to double-check the location and time of the race! You want to be as stress-free as possible on the morning of the race.

6 Common Running Mistakes on a Race Day

2. Pacing yourself

This will be one of the most crucial tips to follow! It is a mistake that most rookies fall into.

Basically, don't be too caught up in the excitement of flag-off – go at your own pace and not sprint off with the rest at the beginning.

Going too fast at the beginning will make it very hard for you to find your rhythm for the rest of the race. Whereas maintaining a comfortable pace will allow you to save your energy and sustain throughout the entire race. 

It will also help you to find a comfortable breathing pattern.

To test this, ensure that you are able to talk while running.

6 Common Running Mistakes on a Race Day

3. Warming up and stretching

As with any run, it is very important to make sure you warm-up and stretch beforehand.

Warming up will reduce the risk of injuries, prevent post-run muscle soreness and ensure that your muscles recover quicker.

Check out our article where we uncover the importance of warming up.

4. Drinking & eating properly

As you will be burning calories while running, you want to make sure you have enough energy for the race!

Start eating more carbohydrates one or two days before the race to prepare your body.

The morning before the race is the most important meal and shouldn’t be neglected! Try eating food that can be digested easily and give you energy.

For example, you can eat some eggs, oatmeal or a banana – there are many options for you to choose from.

Don’t forget to drink enough water (but not too much to avoid a bloated stomach and stitches while running!). We all know Singapore’s heat can be hard to deal with, but it can be worse if you don’t drink enough water.

6 Common Running Mistakes on a Race Day

5. Wearing the right gear

Wearing the right running apparel and accessories is very important for your race – the key is to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes to have a stress-free race.

Wearing old shoes may result in a lack of cushioning, whereas wearing new shoes may result in blisters. So ensure that you give your running shoes a test run before D-Day.

Ensure that your running tanks or bras are friction-free to prevent underarm chafing (which will occur after prolonged distances) as well.

Here are some must-haves that will be perfect for your race:

6. Remember your purpose

Whether you run to challenge yourself, for health benefits or to try to end up on the podium, don’t forget that the main objective of running should always be to have fun!

The most important aspect of your first race should be to enjoy the process and be proud of what you have achieved.


Written by: Terence Cheah

Decathlon Singapore, Digital Sports Leader for Running

Whenever I want to escape my daily routine, I turn to an evening run to lift my spirits!

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