7 Minimal impact strategies for hiking you need to know



1. Plan ahead and be prepared

Always plan ahead for your hikes to ensure optimal preparation and prevent any unfortunate situations.


Here are some ways you can do so:~~- Know the type of terrain you will be walking on

- Check the weather forecast for the day 

- Wear appropriate hiking attire (like trekking pants)

- Plan your route (don't forget to check the regulations for where you are headed!)

- If you are packing food along for the walk, try to repackage the food so as to minimise waste


2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces

While it’s always tempting to go ‘off-trail’ on your hike, this can actually damage the environment further.~ 

Prevent doing this by:

- Choosing existing trails, rocky slabs, dry grass or snow (depending on the season) to walk instead

- Setting up your base camp more than 70 metres away from rivers and lakes in order to protect the banks

- Keeping your campsites small and focus your camping activities in areas where vegetation is absent

- Walking in a single file in the middle of trail to avoid damaging the surrounding path if you're hiking in groups


3. Dispose of waste properly

Remember – everything you bring should be taken back with you!


Ensure you leave nothing behind on your campsites through:~~- Always inspecting your campsite for trash, leftover food and litter 

- Using small amounts of biodegradable soap and rinsing anything that needs to be washed (including yourself!) with water more than 70 metres away from the stream

- Relieving yourself by digging and concealing a cathole at least 20cm deep and more than 70m away from your basecamp 

5. Respect wildlife

Never forget that you are a guest in their home!


When encountering wildlife, you should always:

- Observe wildlife from a safe distance - don’t follow or approach them

- Not feed the animals you see on your hike (as this will increase their dependence on humans and in turn, their risk of falling prey to predators)


7. Be considerate to other users

It's simple!


Be considerate to other hikers and make everyone’s trek more enjoyable by:

- Greeting them with a smile

- Trying to avoid making loud noises

To end off, here is a video recap of the aforementioned points. 

Let's all enjoy the outdoors responsibly – happy hiking!