How to Choose:  Running Socks

Choosing between low socks, trail socks, road running socks or even compression sleeves can be a complicated matter. Check out our advice to help you choose the right pair for run you are embarking on!

Choose your socks according to the type of run

KALENJI has a wide range of socks designed to fit your practice, whether you are running on the road or the trail.

Flat Terrain

Pavements, park connectors, city roads, stadium tracks, even the occasional unavoidable staircase are all considered flat terrain. For flat terrain running socks, comfort while running is the main priority. Therefore, special focus is made on softness, lightness and breathability.

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Uneven Terrain

You will encounter uneven terrain when you decide to venture into nature where the ground is often uneven, rocky, slippery or muddy with and a fair amount of uphill and downhill obstacles.


We have socks that are more comfortable when it comes to running on uneven terrain. These often provide better ankle support, better shock protection on your calves and will prevent you from getting sprains. 


Compression socks or sleeves help in facilitating the backflow of blood and thereby reducing your muscle fatigue. It also helps you in adapting quickly to different weather conditions and prevent injuries.

Choose your running socks according to your needs

KALENJI has a wide selection of socks according to your specific needs and run intensity.


Depending on weather conditions and the intensity of your runs, using socks of a different thickness would be more effective at wicking away perspiration and make you feel more comfortable during more intensive runs.


In order to keep your feet stable, some of these socks have reinforced zones.




Compression socks or sleeves help to reduce muscle fatigue by facilitating blood backflow and reducing muscle vibrations while running.

We hope you found this article useful! Check out our range of socks below, and happy running!


Written By: Randi Tan

Sports Leader, Running

- "Live, Laugh, Run!"