All-in-one guide to picking the right tennis shoes

Our guide on choosing tennis shoes will tell you how you can get the best tennis shoes that fit you perfectly.

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

While playing tennis, you need to have all the accessories needed so you can play the game comfortably. 

Playing tennis calls for a lot of moving around, and you need good quality tennis shoes that can protect your feet.

Not wearing the right kind of shoes can hurt your feet. It also causes strain on the joints and can make you end up feeling sore and aching. 

Choosing a good pair of tennis shoes is as important as choosing a good racket.

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

Choosing the best tennis shoes

Each tennis player is unique and has unique preferences.

This is why there are many types of tennis shoes available in the market.

With so many options available, you need to spend some time trying to find the best shoes that suit your needs perfectly.

Here are some of the criteria you can use to select tennis shoes:

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

1. The playing surface

The shoes you wear should be suited for the surface on which you play. Grass, clay, and hard court surfaces are different, and you need different kinds of shoes for each of these surfaces.

If you are an intermediate or advanced player playing on different surfaces, then you can choose multi-court shoes that suit all surfaces. Otherwise you'll need to choose shoes meant for a specific surface. 

For a hard court, the shoes need to have ample cushioning to absorb the shock from the surface.

A tough upper is another feature in such shoes. The design of clay court shoes would be such that it prevents the clay from entering your shoes. The tighter knit upper gives stability as you move around.

For the grass court, the outer sole needs to have cleats or nubs that offer a better grip. The shoes you use on grass cannot be used on other surfaces. This surface calls for shoes that help you move fast.

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

2. Your feet type

Each person’s foot is different from the other. Some people have ‘pronated’ feet, whereby the weight tends to be on the inside of their feet.

With such feet, the sole tends to get worn out from the inside. If you have such feet, you need shoes that offer lateral support inside.

On the other hand, someone with supinated feet - whereby their weight tends to be on the outside of their feet - would have their soles worn out on the outside. 

Proper cushioning is needed for such feet to prevent ankle injuries.

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

3. Playing style

Every tennis player will develop a unique style of playing over time. While this is not seen in beginners, the style is developed at a later stage. 

Some people are baseline players who tend to move a lot from side to side. They need shoes that offer lateral support so they can move around comfortably.

Players who prefer more serve and volley are prone to have their feet slide while serving. Their shoes need reinforcement to prevent this from happening.

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

4. Comfort and fit

Above all, you need a pair of shoes that are comfortable and fit you well. 

You need to try out different shoes as per the criteria mentioned above. Wear the shoes and walk around or move around as you would do while playing tennis. 

Check if the shoes fit snugly. The shoes should be neither too tight nor too loose. 

Tight shoes make it uncomfortable while playing and can hurt your feet later.

Loose shoes may make you slip and must be avoided. Try out different shoes until you find one that is a perfect fit. 

Also, check if it is comfortable playing while wearing the shoes. If your feet hurt while playing, then it means the shoes are not very comfortable.

While leather shoes tend to hurt and takes time to adjust to, this is not the case with tennis shoes. You can start playing with them the moment you get them. 

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

Buying tennis shoes

If you are looking for tennis shoes Singapore, then here is a selection of some of the best shoes on the market.

You can look at the features of these shoes, try them out, and choose one of them.

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

1. Tennis multi-court shoes artengo ts-110

Available in four different sizes and in white colour, this pair of shoes is ideal for beginners. It offers cushioning that offers comfort while playing.

The sole has rubber areas that can withstand wear and tear. It is a feather-weight shoe that gives you total comfort while ensuring it supports your feet as you move around.

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

2. Kids’ lace-up tennis shoes ts530

Kids love to play tennis at school and at home. Give them a good quality pair of tennis shoes that make it easy to play.

This product is available in two colours and in four different sizes. It is lightweight, durable and offers comfort as well as stability.

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

3. Women's tennis shoes artengo ts500

This women’s shoe is designed for intermediate tennis players who would play on different kinds of surfaces. Versatile in nature, it offers total support with the foam inserts ensuring comfort.

It is a lightweight shoe available in different sizes and is white in colour. This pair of shoe was designed by tennis players, so it meets the needs of players.

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

4. Tennis multi-court shoes artengo ts590

Striking in orange and black, these multi-court shoes for intermediate players is perfect for playing on different surfaces.

Lightweight and offering comfort, these shoes are available in different sizes. It allows good propulsion on the court, helping players with intense footwork to play well.

The cushioning ensures optimum comfort while playing.

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

5. Tennis multi-court shoes artengo ts990

This is the best choice for advanced players who want light shoes that offer comfort.

The shoe is sturdy and durable, and allows for more propulsion.

It also features memory foam, which offers good support for the ankles!

We hope you found this tennis shoe buying guide useful – get shopping and smashing!

All-In-One Guide to Picking the Right Tennis Shoes

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