Looking to play a quick game of basketball of friends but unsure of which basketball courts are available? We have a few recommendations which would be great for a game with friends and most importantly are free to use!


Sometimes it can be hassle to figure out which basketball court is the nearest to you. Not every housing block or public park has one that is free to use.~~If you guys have read about 5 Reasons to start playing basketball, you should know that I briefly mentioned about how convenient it is for people in Singapore to start playing basketball with the availability of the facilities and equipment.~~I will be introducing to you some of the nicer basketball courts that I have been to at different parts of Singapore.


Yes yes you got it! Decathlon Singapore Lab is one of my favourite basketball courts because it is so convenient for me. Why you might wonder?~~You do not have to book the basketball court, you can go down as and when you like and all you have to do is bring your own basketball.~~Additionally, you can head for a shower after playing basketball under the hot sun as Decathlon provides free shower facilities. Or if you are thirsty and want to be in a cooling environment, step into Decathlon as there is a water dispenser and it is air-conditioned in the community corner.~~The fun doesn’t only happen on the basketball court but the entire of Decathlon Singapore Lab store! This experience store allows you to experience all the different sports in-store!~~Try a new sport with your friends by heading to the table tennis table, or kick some footballs and maybe some stand-up paddling! With over 60 sports available in Decathlon Singapore, you’re going to find your next favourite hangout space.~~If you are hungry, there are fast food restaurants, hawker centres and shopping malls nearby within walking distance. It feels too good to be true, but this is real! Why wait? Come on down now!


Calling out to all the WESTIES!!!~~NTU has a total of 8 basketball courts on campus (both indoor and outdoor)!! But you have to book in advance to make sure the indoor court is available for your personal use.


As a fellow westie myself, I frequented NTU’s outdoor courts once a week to catch up and play basketball with my friends. They have three outdoor courts available and there will never be a day when nobody is there, unless it is raining! It is open to the public on a daily basis and everyone is welcome to use the courts but the lights will be off by 10pm. This is to ensure you do not disrupt students living in this hostels around the court! :)~~*One tip for you if you are interested to go: go earlier to chope your courts! There will be days where you have to wait for a bit just for courts to be free for us to play as this is really a popular spot for the westies!


Here is something for those living in the East! Singapore is such a small and convenient city to be in and you only need approximately 1 hour to travel from west all the way to the east. Psst.. in case you think I am biased and only love the West, I am introducing to you two of my favourite courts around Bedok.~~Well, sometimes I am a little old school and convenience is super important to me so I will definitely go to a nearby street basketball court near the void deck. Why do I love it? It is not entirely open as there are fences surrounding it. So, if your games get a little rough and intense, your ball will not roll away.~~However, please ensure that you prioritise everyone’s safety, including yours! Neighbourhood basketball courts are not extremely crowded as compared to the other locations but always look out for people walking around the area! Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet to yourself, shoot some hoops and reflect on life right? You can totally do it there too!


Yes yes you basketballers! Last but not least, we have basketball courts right next to Botanical Gardens! How convenient is it to be able to go to a café to chill before or after balling?~~Alternatively, you can practice other sports in the same area, such as tennis, hockey and even running! This sport arena will be your next favourite spot to have training sessions! :)


P.s.: I’m no expert in searching for the best court in Singapore, but these are the places I frequent as a basketball player myself. Hit me up if you have anything you want to know about basketball and I will love to feature it for my next article! :)~~The exams are around the corner and I’m sure you’re seeking ways to relax for a bit. Take this time to take a short break, go down to your nearby basketball court and sweat the stress out! You will feel more refreshed and ready for the next day~~GOOD LUCK MY FRIENDS!


Bella Tan

Digital Sports Leader - Swimming

I started playing basketball 11 years ago and haven't stopped ever since.~Two words to describe my relationship with this ball - First Love