Looking to play a quick game of basketball of friends but unsure of which basketball courts are available? 

We have a few recommendations for your next session!


Sometimes it can be a hassle to figure out which basketball court is the nearest to you.

Check out our top 3 recommendations on where you can enjoy a game with your friends in Singapore!


In every neighbourhood, there is definitely at least one outdoor basketball court. 

It is the most convenient place to play basketball as it is both free and open for all to use and most importantly - close to home! 

Sometimes you can even be lucky enough to join in a game of street basketball with other players or teams in the neighbourhood. 

Don’t be surprised if you see fences surrounding some of the newer courts as it is there to prevent balls from flying out of court.

Basketball Courts in Singapore

2. Community Centres

Community centres (CC) are also an alternative to finding a basketball court close to home. 

Majority of the CCs do have a sheltered basketball court where you can play regardless of rain or shine. 

Most of the time you don’t have to do any bookings if you are just there to shoot hoops. 

However, if you need the whole court to have a proper basketball game with friends, you can definitely book at a reasonable price.



Last but not least, if you're looking to play in a competition setting, we'd recommend booking a basketball court in a sports complex. 

Some courts are conveniently located as they are located in schools in almost every residential area.

Other highly popular options include the Ministry of Education's Co-Curricular Activities Branch (CCAB) sports hall which is right next to Botanical Gardens, or indoor courts at Singapore Sports Hub.



You can always head over to our Decathlon Singapore Lab store where you can find our free-to-play basketball court right outside our store. 

Feel free to use the basketballs we have provided for you to test and play with your friends! You can find them located in a blue cage beside the court.

Basketball Courts in Singapore


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