Benefits of being a scuba diver

There are many benefits of scuba diving. Most people would agree that they dive for the pure enjoyment of experiencing the underwater world, however, it's time everyone knows how they benefit from being a scuba diver!


Health benefits

The golden rule of breathing in diving is to breathe slowly and deeply. This is a breathing technique similar to the ones used while meditating. This is a good exercise for the muscles and heart as it gets the blood pumping and it does not put pressure on the heart. This makes diving a great exercise for the respiratory system.~~The warming up of your body coupled with the slow and deep breaths taken while diving help to reduce blood pressure. Studies show that those who dive regularly are less prone to strokes and heart attacks.~~Diving can get real physical too. An average diver carries around 25kg of diving equipment. All your different muscles also tend to work more underwater due to the resistance of the water. This makes diving a really physical work out.

Mental health benefits

Being underwater is like being in a whole new world. The feeling of weightlessness while diving and drifting through the water gives you a feeling of peace and contentment.~~You are surrounded by nature’s undisturbed beauty and free from personal or work pressures and anxieties. It is one of the sports that takes you away from the stresses of life and into nature’s beauty.

Appreciating nature’s beauty

Diving brings you closer to nature. Real close. You will discover creatures that you might be able to see only on television or the big screen. With diving, you will feel closer to nature and learn to value it more than you did before. You get to see the beauty of untouched nature underwater, a fascinating experience which can change you forever.


Social benefits

Diving is one of the more social sports that you can enjoy. It is not a sport for loners since it is very dangerous to go diving alone.~~Scuba diving forces you to trust and appreciate people that you have just met. There is no better way to make friends than to be put in a situation where you have to completely depend on a stranger for your safety.

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