Benefits of running: 5 reasons to start now

If you are hesitating to start running because of the weather, the time you can allocate to it or other reasons, these 5 health benefits should motivate you to to tie up your laces and get on track! No more excuses!

With more people running as a means to keep fit, you may have thought "why are these people running?". In actual fact, running is full of benefits for both your body and mind, and can definitely make your life better!~~Here are five benefits of running which will convince you to start running now.

1. Stay healthy

Many studies demonstrate that running keeps you in a good health and reduces the risk of contracting disease.~~Running, even for a short time or distance, helps you improve your heart health. While you are running, your heart rate increases to provide enough energy for your effort. This increase in your beats-per-minute (BPM) is a great opportunity to “exercise your heart" and improve your beat while you are active as well as during your passive time.

2. Lose weight

Running, like many sports, helps you to burn calories and fats. Start your journey by defining your ideal weight and adapt your training to your agenda.Start slowly to boost self-confidence before increasing the distance and the pace of your runs.Get a step-by-step approach and dare to challenge yourself, I promise you’ll see the benefits quickly!Last but not least, running has to remain a pleasure so you can achieve your long-term goals.


3. Reduce stress

Did you know that running is good way to free your mind and turn your negative emotions outward?~~When running, your body releases hormones (endorphins) that will make you feel better and reduce tension.~~Have you ever thought about running before or after a long working day? This is the perfect time to focus on yourself and, in a way, ‘listen to you” as your body accumulates feelings and tensions that you can exert in order to gain confidence and be more efficient.~~Finally, many studies have proved a positive impact of running on your mood. In fact, by exercising, you reduce the risk of depression and keeps the bad mood at bay.~~You don't have to run a long distance to feel the positive effects!

4. Sleep better

Run and you will improve your sleep: true fact!~~You will sleep better not only because of the effort from running, but also because of the positive effect running has on your body and mindset.~~As mentioned earlier, it’s the perfect way to calm down after a stimulating day. And here is the virtuous circle, you run, you reduce stress and you sleep better!


5. Improve concentration

Releasing endorphins has several consequences: reduce stress, as explained earlier, and improve concentration. Being in a good mood helps you to be more focused and to pay more attention to your diverse activities. You’ll feel more focused and gain in productivity after running!

Running has so many health benefits, both mentally & physically! It's time to get on track, you won’t regret it :)



Digital sport leader - running

I am a (trail) run-aholic, I love to exit my comfort zone and challenge myself. Most importantly, running makes me feel alive!