Choosing a football bag like a pro!

KIPSTA has developed a full range of bags and has made it easy for you to travel to your football matches and trainings while having everything you need on the pitch or after. Read on to find out which is the best football bag for you!

When it comes to choosing a football bag, it depends on what you’re looking for! Are you looking for a bag to simply store your boots while travelling to and from training? Do you need a luggage or just a simple carry-on?

Light 15-litre boot bag

Simple boot bag

If you’re looking for a bag to store your boots easily, our Light 15-litre boot bag is the way to go! Easy to carry on and pack, this boot bag will be your go-to if you’re training somewhere close to your home. There is sufficient volume not only for your boots, but for your other football essentials, such as a towel, an extra t-shirt, wallet, keys, and a bottle! This Light 15-litre boot bag also comes in several colours to tend to your preferences, head down to pick your boot bag now!

25-Litre backpacks


If you need a bag for regular use for school, or while cycling to training, check out Decathlon's intensive 25-Litre backpack. It will be easier for you, or your kids, to carry things on a day-to-day basis while ensuring that there are many compartments which will allow you to bring your football kit along. There is more than enough space for your entire kit to fit in if you back your backpack efficiently. This intensive backpack is one of our best sellers, and you don’t want to miss out on this great deal!

Wheeled bags

Are you looking for a bag for regular use that is easy to transport? A wheeled bag is the best option! A strong wheeled bag will make your life easier while travelling to and from training, while providing compartments to store your equipment and football kit. These bags are especially useful if you are going for training boot camps, or if you are a football coach yourself. KIPSTA’s wheeled bags are highly durable and with its many compartments, it will be easy for you to sort out your equipments and separate your clean and dirty clothes, and even your shoes!

The Classic 105L Rolling Sport Bag is the ideal bag for coaches who are always on the go to coach different teams as you can easily sort your training cones, balls, bibs, and other equipment. This will allow you to prepare for training sessions more efficiently and you can easily transport the equipment around without putting any stress on your shoulders!

Key football equipment

Be well equipped with the basic football gear now! Visit our experience stores or our online store to view our full range of football products! We have a great range of football boots, balls and goals you might be keen on!


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