Create memories in the city with our top running gear

When it comes to running, all sorts of things come into play. The weather, the location and of course your running gear. Here we will take a look at some of our top picks for running gear perfect to create memories in the city this coming National Day!


Run dry men's running trousers

The Run Dry Running Trousers have been designed for running in warm weather. The pants are light, breathable and quick drying due to the synthetic fabric used. The material that has ben used absorbs and wicks away perspiration which will allow you to stay dry throughout your run. These trousers come with a zip pocket for your smartphone which is designed with a waterproof component to protect your smartphone from your perspiration.~~These trousers are the perfect pants for running as it allows you to carry small items such as your keys and some money for the run. Run through Singapore’s nature with these comfortable trousers! :)


Run dry+ women's running romper

The designs of women’s running attire has come a long way and this new unique design will be one to add onto your list! Choosing a running outfit does not have to be too difficult or complicated and our women’s running romper is going to be the perfect fit for you.~~The Run dry+ women's running romper has been designed with four main aims, moisture management, freedom of movement, storage with pockets and ease of use. The lightweight fabric wicks away perspiration while you run to keep you dry with a cutting that gives you freedom of movement while you run.~~Additionally, the cutting of the romper will provide you with complete comfort and air circulation while you run. What are you waiting for? Grab one for yourself now and you never need to worry about choosing a matching shirt and short for running ever again!


Running waistband

Our running waistband is perfect for those seeking to carry your keys, small change and smartphone while you run. With two compartments, you are able to comfortably carry your items while you run. By carrying your smartphone and keys around your wait, you avoid altering the balance of your stride and save yourself from potential injuries due to loss of balance.~~This waistband is perfect for many runners thanks to its adjustable waist, suitable for 40cm to 95cm waists. You can now safely run with your smartphones without worrying about losing your balance! :)


Easy children's athletics shoes

The Easy Children’s white shoes have been made specially for Singaporean students to comply with school uniforms! These shoes will reduce impact on your child while they run thanks to the zero drop design which encourages a natural stride while they run. The velcro strap is also easy to use by children themselves which will make them more independent.~~These comfortable shoes come with great cushioning, fit and grip that will allow your child to be ready for sports anytime of the day. Grab these shoes soon, they’re getting extremely popular with our customers! :)

Men's running boxers

Our popular men’s running boxers have been a hit with many. With over 56 reviews, we are standing at a strong 4.7 / 5 in reviews! Let me break it down to you as to why so many customers love this product. Firstly, there is great moisture management in the running boxers.~~Thanks to the design team, they have chosen a fabric that is able to absorb and wick away moisture while you run. This, together with the displaced seams, reduces chafing while you run. The boxers ensure comfort while you run due to the soft fabric used! :)


Run sun protect women's long-sleeved t-shirt

Suitable for Singapore’s humidity, this women’s long-sleeve t-shirt will wick away perspiration while you run in Singapore’s weather. Our design team has chosen a fabric that will protect you from the effects of the sun and this is perfect for the weather that we live in.~~Sun protection is always important and you should never skip this step. Choose a comfortable, and soft running t-shirt that will keep you protected from the sun such as our Run Sun Protect Women’s Long-Sleeved T-shirt! :)


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 Simarpreet Kaur

Simarpreet kaur

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