Create memories in yoga sessions with our top yoga picks

Yoga is an increasingly popular sport and you should make it part of your daily life. Be well equipped for your favourite pose and be in complete bliss! Check out our top picks for this National Day! :)


Gentle yoga mat

Our new 8mm burgundy gentle yoga mat has been popular with yogis and yoginis ever since it launched earlier this year. With the aim of providing users comfort and excellent grip, our team has designed this for gentle yoga. It’s thick enough for weight-bearing poses that you practice.

If you have a gentle yoga practice, transitions are slower and poses are less intense, therefore, you should use a mat between 5mm and 8mm that will provide enough cushioning for your cervical spine and joints. This mat is perfect for you! Our yogi ambassadors are always committed to making your yoga practice positive and memorable while introducing an eco-friendly experience.

One tip when using our mats: after practising, use our essential oil spray to freshen your mat. To clean your mat, wipe down with warm soapy water and allow to air dry before rolling up.


Yoga foam block

Part of our new collection, this burgundy yoga foam block is an essential accessory for stable and comfortable poses, no matter your flexibility. It can also be used as a meditation pillow while you have your yoga sessions. You can rely on this to help you during your yoga sessions whenever you need that extra support.~~It is understandable that beginner yogis often lack flexibility when getting started. Our bricks can be used by anyone to help you improve. :)


Seamless 7/8 yoga leggings

These burgundy seamless yoga leggings have been gaining popularity amongst our products thanks to its seamless design. The elasticity of the fabric and seamless design makes it the perfect apparel for yoga as it reduces chafing and allows freedom movement all at the same time.

Sometimes yoga sessions can get intense and you will start perspiring, but with this technical fabric, it has great moisture management as it is able to absorb and wick away perspiration ensuring that you are always comfortable during your yoga sessions! :)


Women's seamless dynamic yoga tank top

The women’s seamless yoga tank top is the perfect yoga top for you if you are looking for something to facilitate freedom of movement. Suitable for high intensity and dynamic yoga, this tank top promises to reduce chafing while you’re doing yoga thanks to its seamless assembly.

Intense yoga can cause you to break out in perspiration and the open knit technology adopted in this top while wick away perspiration as you go on in your sessions. Be comfortable in your poses with this top! Grab yours now, you won’t regret! :)


Women's gentle yoga organic cotton t-shirt

The women’s gentle yoga cotton t-shirt is made purely from organic yoga which is the best choice for yogis! Organic farming have been designed for our cotton to reduce the impact on the environment and this makes our clothes environmentally friendly.

Our t-shirt allows for freedom of movement while you practice yoga. Cotton is considered one of the most comfortable materials that yogis and yoginis like to use during sessions and we now have the perfect one for you! :)


Seamless short-sleeved yoga t-shirt

The seamless short-sleeved yoga t-shirt is stretchy and boddy hugging, almost feeling like a second skin! It's seamless design also helps to reduce chaffing too.

Our t-shirt offers you freedom of movement as well as moisture management which wicks away pespiration to ensure that you stay dry throughout your yoga sessions!

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Namaste! :)

 Simarpreet Kaur

Simarpreet kaur

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