Gift ideas for your yogi friend!

It’s the season for giving, and it’s part of the Yoga journey to also gain the ability to give of yourself. This Christmas, celebrate your loved ones by thanking them and appreciating the time spent with them.

It’s the season for giving, and it’s part of the Yoga journey to also gain the ability to give of yourself.
This Christmas, celebrate your loved ones by thanking them and appreciating the time spent with them.
We have specially curated a gift wish list based on the budget you have this year, for your friends.

These gifts are suitable for all yogi friends who might just want to start Yoga for the first time, or even friends who have done yoga for many years.

Above $50


Studio dynamic yoga mat 5 mm ($60)

Thinking of a gift for a special one? We recommend our 5mm Yoga Dynamic mats: Made out of rubber on the top surface with beautiful alignment lines, this grippy mat will be a great companion to your friend for many years to come. It’s a solid addition to one’s home.


Natural rubber/jute yoga mat 4 mm – beige ($65)

If your friend is eco-conscious, you might want to consider our environmental friendly Jute/Rubber mat. Made out of vegetable fibres, this jute/rubber blend grounds you back to nature.

With a budget of $50


Studio dynamic yoga mat 3mm – green ($50)

My personal recommendation for a $50 gift would be the 3mm Yoga Dynamic Mat. Similar to the above Yoga Dynamic mats, this mat is slightly thinner (3mm) but due to this, it’s lighter and easier to carry around to community classes. Not to mention its beautiful mint green colour!

With a budget of $30


Non-slip yoga towel ($30)

Yogis who practice in studios would be familiar with Yoga towels—we place them on top of our mats for hygienic purposes and to absorb sweat for more grip! These towels can be thrown into the washing machine after your practice (below 40 degrees). The rubber base of the towels help to hold the towels on the mat so it won’t slip around during your practice. These towels come rolled up like a Christmas log, making it a perfect gift for your friend!


Club gentle yoga mat 5 mm ($30)

Our Yoga club mats are designed out of TPE foam for the best comfort, whilst being lightweight to carry outdoors to classes. Weighing only 820grams but 5mm thick, it’s the perfect mat as a gift that is both soft to the touch and transportable.

With a smaller budget, below $10


Yoga pad – blue ($5)

Know a friend who suffers from knee pains, especially when they are holding up poses like the low lunges or even push ups? This yoga pad keeps your knees nice and comfy, and you really don’t feel the pressure on your knee caps or wrists when you’re doing weight bearing poses! (You might need two if it’s for both knees!)


Yoga mat spray ($6.90)

Want something small that could fit into a Christmas stocking? Try this light, green tea mat spray from us! Spray this on your mat, before wiping down with a towel to maintain freshness of your mat, or simply spray this around the room during shavasana for a more restful ending pose.


Yoga accessories

Other yoga accessories, such as Yoga blocks (to support yourself especially if you can’t reach the ground for example), Yoga straps (to hold your poses) would be also great small gifts to your friend. We also have a small yet useful yoga mat pouch to stuff your yoga mat for those who would love a bag but yet travel light.


Essential yoga mat 4 mm – grey ($9.90)

For a simple beginner mat for your loved one who just started yoga or simply want to be more active, we recommend our 4mm PVC mat. It’s a great basic mat to start your friend’s yoga journey.


Combining items

You might wish to combine a couple of items together for a curated gift specially chosen by yourself, giving it a touch of personalisation. Combine the yoga mat spray with a strap, towel, and a mat! Simply stuff your gifts into our yoga mat bag to create a christmas bundle that can bring a smile to your friend’s face!

If you want to make holiday shopping easier, consider ordering online, where we provide 2-hour click and collect (especially when you’re getting your gift last-minute) or timeslot delivery during this festive season!

We hope that this article helps a little by giving you a sneak peek into our Yoga collection.
View our full collection at Decathlon Yoga!

We hope you’ll be able to find your perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas!

Happy holidays! :D