Guide to Picking the Best Tennis Racket for Kids

Guide to picking the best tennis racket for kids

It's important to find a tennis racket that is perfect for holding and easy to play with for your kids. Read these useful tips to choose the best one!

Tennis for kids is a good idea, and you should encourage kids to start playing the game from an early age. 

Playing is sport is a good relaxation and also helps keep them physically active and fit.

It is important to find the right tennis racket for your kids, with an emphasis on suitable grip and ease of playing.

Read on for some useful tips to help you choose the best tennis racket for your kids.

Guide to Picking the Best Tennis Racket for Kids

Choosing the right tennis racket

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when you want to buy the perfect tennis racket for your kids:

- You must know that the regular rackets used by adults are not suitable for kids. You need to choose one for their size.

Tell your kid to hold the racket by their side with the hand by the body. If the racket is too small, it won’t touch the ground. If it touches the ground too much, it is big.

Check out a couple of rackets till you find the right one.

- Rackets from aluminium are lightweight and comfortable to use. If you are looking for power in the racket, choose one with a graphite frame.

- On average, rackets weigh between 200-260g and would be best suited to learning tennis.

- The grip size is important. Without the proper grip, it is difficult to swing the racket.

When your kid holds the racket, there should be sufficient space between the palm and the middle finger. If not, it is too small.

Guide to Picking the Best Tennis Racket for Kids

- Head sizes of the racket vary from 610 - 690sqm. A larger head gives more power but requires more control.

Tell your kid to try a few swings before deciding which is comfortable.

- It is very important to try out different rackets before choosing the best one. If you buy online, ensure that there is an option to return the racket if it does not suit your kid.

- Lastly, look at the price of the racket. If your kid is starting out and looking to learn, then you can get a lower-priced one.

Once the kid learns the ropes, then they would need a better quality racket that can help them win games.

Guide to Picking the Best Tennis Racket for Kids

Here is a simple guide to choosing the racket based on your kid’s height:

- 48cm (19 inches) for height 91cm and below

- 53cm (21 inches) for height ~94cm

- 58cm (23 inches) for height 117cm - 135cm

- 63.5cm (25 inches) for height 137cm -  to 142cm

- 66cm (26 inches) racket for height 145cm -  152cm

The 5 best tennis rackets to choose:

Now that you know how to choose the best racket, here is a list of the five best rackets to consider.

Choose any of these depending on your needs, and let your kids have a great time playing this wonderful game.

Guide to Picking the Best Tennis Racket for Kids

1. Kids tennis racket set artengo

This complete racket set is a great way for kids to start playing tennis. 

It comes with a neat and attractive bag. There are two rackets and two balls in the set.

The rackets are lightweight, weighing just 177g, making them convenient for kids to use.

The orange balls are slow, with 50% of the bounce as per International standards suited for kids to play. 

The carry bag has a strap making it easy for your kids to take with them for a game or practice session.

Guide to Picking the Best Tennis Racket for Kids

2. Kids tennis racket artengo tr100

This is a cost-effective product when you want the perfect tennis racket for your kid. 

Available in two sizes of 21-inch and 23-inch, the blue-coloured racket is ideal for youngsters new to the game.

The aluminium racket is lightweight. It has a large head size that reduces errors while striking the ball. 

The ergonomic grip makes it best suited for young kids to use. 

The racket has a head-heavy balance that gives power for kids to strike the ball with a minimum of effort.

Guide to Picking the Best Tennis Racket for Kids

3. Kids tennis racket artengo tr530

This is a 25-inch tennis racket that is meant for intermediate young tennis players.

It is best suited for kids between 126cm - 140cm in height. The racket combines easy handling with the power needed for strong serves.

The racket is not very heavy (225g). It has an aluminium frame with graphite that prevents centering errors that some rackets have. 

The head-heavy balance allows your kid to impart sufficient power in their strokes. 

It is a good, sturdy, and durable product.

Guide to Picking the Best Tennis Racket for Kids

4. Artengo tr900 25 kids' tennis racket

This tennis racket is meant for kids who play regularly and want a good racket to help them win games. 

Kids who are between 126cm - 140cm in height will find this racket ideal for use.

It weighs 220 g allowing players to swing the racket with ease. The graphite frame is large and is robust, helping to minimise errors. 

The head-heavy balance in the racket helps players to impart the power needed to win in competitive games. It is available in black and yellow colour.

Guide to Picking the Best Tennis Racket for Kids

4. Artengo tr530 kids' tennis racket

If your kid is an intermediate tennis player and is looking for a great racket, then this is the one to buy. 

This is the perfect racket for kids whose height is between 116cm - 125cm. It is a great racket for kids looking to learn tennis perfectly.

It weighs 210g and is easy to swing. The aluminium and graphite frame ensures it is free of centring errors, and its 23-inch racket has a head that allows you to impart power to your serves. 

Easy to handle, durable, and powerful – this is the perfect racket for kids to have.

Now that you've discovered how to choose the best tennis racket for your kids, it's time for them to discover this challenging yet extremely fulfilling sport.

Consider getting yourself a racket or two to rally with them too while you're at it.

Happy shopping!

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