How to choose junior hiking footwear?

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

Setting out for a walk and looking for a hiking t-shirt? Depending on your needs, the t-shirt needs to meet different criteria. Some look for evacuating sweat as quickly as possible, others will want fabrics that limit odours, and others again will be prioritising style.
We'll give you the full low-down!

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

Which T-shirt is best for hiking?

A hiking T-shirt used as a first layer should be fairly lightweight and offer you good freedom of movement.
Whether cotton for softness, synthetic for quick drying, merino wool for better odour control, with or without zip...
Having a good T-shirt is essential if you don't want to end up soaked in sweat will hiking or exercising.

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

What is a technical T-shirt?

A technical T-shirt is a model which has fabric details adapted to your needs, which means that the best fabrics (the ones with the advantages you're looking for) in the best places possible. For example, fabrics with synthetic, breathable materials will be in areas that tend to get sweaty, like under the arms or in the back.

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

Why choose a breathable T-shirt?

A breathable T-shirt is the perfect clothing for evacuating sweat and for quick drying.
This advantage comes from the composition, the materials used (namely with synthetic fibres).
For example, knitting a fabric can make it more or less breathable.

Next, the choice of hiking T-shirt is made by considering two important factors: The intensity of your activity and the external temperature, so that you can properly manage sweat and warmth.

1. The intensity of your mountain activity

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

Planning a low-intensity outdoor venture?

During day-long, short or low-intensity hikes, you can opt for T-shirts with natural materials, round necks, V-necks, etc.
Treat yourself!
Extremely comfortable, yet they are less lightweight and don't dry as quickly as synthetic T-shirts. 
Shirts are also a good option. 
With their long sleeves, they protect from the sun (no need to apply SPF to your arms) and from the wind, from the shoulders to wrists.

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

Planning an intense venture out?

During a more intense hike (with elevation gain and sustained intensity), you'll sweat, so you should opt for a T-shirt in a synthetic fabric, as it's breathable and dries more quickly.

If you're wearing a backpack, we recommend a T-shirt with a mesh back (aerated fabric) as well, as this material boosts air circulation.

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

Setting out for a big hike over several days?

When you're setting out for a weekend, camping or on a road trip, check the length of the T-shirt, making sure that it goes right down your back and keeps your arms and shoulders protected.
You can even op for long-sleeved T-shirts, for added protection.
Merino wool clothing is particularly of interest, as it can be worn for several days without collecting bad odours.
The material stays warm, even when we, which can be a great advantage if it rains.

2/ Which fabric to choose based on the weather

Of course, the time of year, the weather forecasts and the altitude you're planning to reach all play an important role in your choice of clothing.
Naturally, you opt more for cotton in summer, but synthetic is certainly more appropriate if you're setting out for intense hikes.
Merino wool is ideal for long journeys, and it stays warm even when wet, making it perfect for days when the weather is uncertain.

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

What clothes should I wear when hiking in summer or spring?

During the warmer seasons, opt for vest tops or short-sleeved T-shirts that are breathable and/or with ventilation zips, in cotton or synthetic materials. Remember to wear SPF on any exposed limbs, so you avoid getting sunburnt!
Remember that the UV rays are strong in mountain areas, even when you can't feel the heat.

What clothes should I wear when hiking in colder conditions?

In cold weather however, choose long-sleeved t-shirts either in Merino wool (a natural anti-bacterial material that limits bad odours), or brushed on the inside. These trap more air, which helps keep the heat emitted by your body better and therefore keeps you warm. Of course, you'll add a down jacket or warm fleece and a jacket to your kit.

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

Tips for dressing for winter or cool-weather hikes

Discover how to wear and choose different layers!

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

What's the difference between a men's and women's hiking T-shirt?

The "men's" and "women's" version of a T-shirt offer cuts, designs and colours adapted to each body type, although the technicality level stays the same to make sure everyone enjoys the same performances.
Some brands also offer unisex clothing, so the choice is yours!

Quick tip:
For women, the choice of bralet or bra is important, even moreso than the choice of T-shirt, particular in regard to rubbing zones. It's essential that it offers support and is comfortable whilst also effectively wicking away humidity.
Our merino wool bra has been developed specifically for hikers!

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

Looking for a maternity T-shirt?

Hiking is a low-impact sport, making it perfect for women in pregnancy.
That's why we've developed T-shirts that adapt to your growing bump!
They're even fitted with a system that makes breastfeeding easier, so you can keep wearing it when your little bundle of joy arrives.

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

The best hiking T-shirt

Hiking clothes are generally more technical than everyday clothes, as their main aim is to evacuate humidity and sweat.
They're also more resistant against scrapes and snags.
Now you've chosen your new hiking T-shirt, we hope you enjoy some great adventures with it !
Now, you just need trousers, shorts or leggings to go with the new top ?