In our previous article, I shared some recommendations on the Basketball Courts in Singapore where you can go and take a break in the midst of this busy period! Another important factor to take into consideration is to have a pair of proper basketball shoes in order to fully enjoy the game.


Playing basketball requires you to run, jump and have good agility to ensure that you can change direction quickly and safely. Therefore, you need to choose the proper basketball shoe in order to achieve that. On top of that, it will be a good equipment to prevent any ankle injuries.~~Now, let’s dive in deeper to what kind of shoes you prefer. P.s.: It is up to your own personal preference and liking depending on what kind of model you are going for. The advice I am about to share with you is basic information that I would provide for beginners who are new to this sport and are clueless about what kind of basketball shoe to pick out.~~First and foremost, you need to know what position you are playing on court! Remember we have the five different positions that I previously shared? You can read that one up if you have not figured that out yet! I will share a general guideline for the common positions and what kind of basketball shoes one is suitable for, but those are just generic suggestions. You should always go according to what fits you best and allows you to perform well on court!


This mid cut basketball shoe is specially designed for good cushioning and stability for better support. It would be a good fit if you are playing the point guard or forward position. As it has lesser weblocks, there is lesser power frame which makes it lightweight. Hence, it will allow you to perform better if you are running around all the time on court. I strongly recommend this shoe if you recently just started playing basketball and want to purchase an affordable pair of shoes. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor court!


Our high cut basketball shoe has the same function as the mid cut, but with a different design and a higher protection for ankle. However, this model has more weblocks, which means it is heavier and has a better power frame as compared to the mid-cut model. As mentioned before, it really depends on individual preference when it comes to choosing the right shoe for you.



Next important factor to look out for is the shoe size. This is extremely important because you need to get the right fit in order to play comfortably and ensure zero injuries. Every brand has different cutting for each design! So if you are unsure of your size, please measure accordingly before you purchase online.

Fret not! For Decathlon products, you can always head to the nearest experience store around you (and to be honest, we are everywhere!!!) to try before you purchase. Also, if you are in a rush to get a shoe, we have our click and collect experience where you can order online and collect it in 2 hours! How convenient right!~~I hope this article serves you well! Stay tune to my next one :D


Bella Tan

Digital Sports Leader - Swimming

I started playing basketball 11 years ago and haven't stopped ever since.~Two words to describe my relationship with this ball - First Love