How to choose your bike helmet? 

Did you know that it is mandatory to wear a helmet while cycling on the roads in Singapore? We highly recommend wearing one at all times on a bike. Here's how to choose the most suitable one for yourself!

How To Choose Your Bike Helmet?

First off, you should choose a helmet based on two criteria: your usage and your head size.

How To Choose Your Bike Helmet?


There are different kinds of helmets depending on the kind of cycling you do: city, countryside, all terrain or road

Each discipline has its own kind of helmet, but all helmets comply with the same safety requirements to guarantee the same level of protection.

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How To Choose Your Bike Helmet?
How To Choose Your Bike Helmet?

Head size

Your helmet needs to be the right size for both comfort and effectiveness in the event of an accident. It's not rocket science - to do this, you'll need to measure your head size.

But whatever the measurement, you should always try on your helmet before purchase! Everyone's head is different and the type of helmet (longer, rounder, more curved, etc.) will affect how comfortable you feel.

This is why, if it's a better fit, it might be best to get a helmet that isn't necessarily the usual style for the kind of activity you are doing.

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How To Choose Your Bike Helmet?
How To Choose Your Bike Helmet?


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The structure of a helmet changes with time, which is why cycling helmets have a limited lifespan.

Remember to change your helmet every 3 to 5 years depending on how much you use it. You should definitely change it if you have a fall.

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