How to choose your football

This article will help you to determine the right size of a football for you based on ball circumference, weight, and player’s age.

The evolution of the football ball goes back a couple of centuries.The balls that we know and play with today has seen a massive transformation over the years. These transformations come about due to the needs of the modern game. The modern game demands improved performance of the ball.

The better the ball, the better the flight; the better the flight, the better the efficiency; the better the efficiency, the better the fun. Despite these changes, the sizes remain the same.

Diifferent football ball sizes serve different purposes. The varied sizes of the ball allow every individual to play the game with utmost fun. A five-year-old child cannot be expected to perform his best with an adult-sized ball. Football can be an entertaining game to the player only if the football ball size is proportionate to his or her age and capabilities.

Playing with the right sized ball is the first step to begin their football journey. The sad part is that many don’t know this fact. So, let's get started with our journey towards learning about youth football ball sizes by age. This will help in your choosing of the appropriate football.

Size 1

Size 1 football balls are also known as “Mini-Balls” or “Minis.” According to the football size chart, these balls do not exceed 17" in circumference. The primary purpose of playing with Size 1 is to improve in skill training. They are not heavy which is advantageous to the players.

With Size 1 balls, players have an excellent opportunity to learn proper ball control. Size 1 is suitable for all ages and appropriate for practicing and mastering basic skills. Also, size 1 balls serve as great souvenirs. Most players and coaches use these balls for their souvenir collection.

Size 2

Size 2 football balls are of 22" in circumference and 280 grams by weight. They are also called “Midi balls.” If you want to train yourself to achieve ball control, then go for Size 2. Generally, ball control becomes more comfortable when the game is played with regular football balls which are bigger in comparison.

Coaches suggest using Midi balls to finetune the foot skills. Also, because of the lighter weight of the Size 2 balls, they are excellent for the 3-6 age groups. Kids of this group are more prone to injuries if they have to kick or dribble the heavier balls.

size 3

Size 3

Size 3 football balls are of 24” and weigh between 311-340 grams. These are the smallest official football balls used for match games. Size 3 balls are suitable for toddlers and young children at initial the stages of professional matches. Kids of the age group between 6-9 can opt for Size 3.

Although they are typically costlier than regular practice balls, these balls have been developed for their true flight performance, reliability, and ultimate control. Their high-quality construction and match approved specifications are also good.

Size 4

The Size 4 Football Balls are of 25-26 inches in circumference and weigh 340-368 grams. This ball is the standard football ball for kids aged between nine and 11 years old.

Did you know, size 4 balls are three times bigger than that of the primitive football balls. Since the ball’s bounce rate is low, usually players play with it on a harder surface. The ball qualities mostly suit the game when played indoors on tiled floors. Nowadays, Futsal matches use Size 4 football balls.

size 5

Size 5

The Size 5 Football Balls weigh between 420 and 445g. They are made for footballers that play in clubs and need a comfortable and durable ball.

The first step in purchasing a football ball is deciding on the size based on standard football size charts. Football ball sizes vary, and the varying size has a direct bearing on the weight of the ball. So, while selecting a youth football ball size, you must consider the age, personal skills, and purpose. If you are a beginner, it is always better to start with the basic size that suits your age. Once you get more skilled at the current ball size, you can upgrade to the next size.

Good Luck!