How To Choose Your Padel Shoes?

How to choose your padel shoes? 

Let there be no mistake, padel shoes are not to be confused with tennis shoes! But what does a padel tennis shoe have that a tennis shoe does not? Cushioning, grip, durability? Follow the guide to help you making the best choice possible!

Just as you place great importance on purchasing your padel racket, it is also essential to place the same importance on purchasing your padel shoes. Padel is a sport that is based on a lot of movements and turns, so having the right shoe and sole is necessary to prevent injuries and have a good grip.

One of the most important things to look at is the sole of the shoe, where you are looking for a perfect grip when starting your movement and at the same time it should allow you to glide across the court when you want to reach a ball. It is also important to keep the foot in the right place: the foot should be fully supported, to give stability and security.

Finally, you need to take into account what kind of player you are, your level, and what you need regarding your style of play and how often you play padel.

  • How To Choose Your Padel Shoes?

    You are an occasional player

    If you play padel occasionally then you are mainly looking for shoes that give you a lot of grip. It is important that the shoe offers you a lot of control as a beginner and that you don't slip when you need to push yourself. Padel shoes differ from tennis shoes mainly in the grip. The grip is necessary to play padel safely. Padel shoes for occasional use are especially for players who don't move very intensively. They should provide comfort first and foremost. Recommended for padel players who are just beginning the sport, or players who play occasionally.

  • How To Choose Your Padel Shoes?

    You are a regular player

    In addition to quick response, as a regular player you want padel shoes that cushion well and thus absorb all shock. Regular padel shoes are made for players who move fairly intensively and have a herringbone outsole. These padel shoes should be able to absorb shocks and thus not put too much strain on your joints. Recommended for players who play an average number of matches and training sessions per week.

  • How To Choose Your Padel Shoes?

    You are an intensive player

    As an intensive player you are looking for padel shoes that offer a lot of grip, good insulation and with a high durability. Especially for players who move very intensively, there are sturdy shoes (both the sole and the upper are sturdy). These padel shoes will give you the necessary support thanks to their elastic rubber and the necessary durability for intensive movements. Recommended for players with many hours of training and competitions.