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How to choose your tennis grip or overgrip?

The selection of a grip or overgrip is an important step in your tennis playing journey. Have a look at our tips to help you make the best choice when selecting your products!

Wondering how to choose grip size for a tennis racket?

The selection of a grip or overgrip depends on three main criteria: grip feel, grip absorption, and grip comfort, and handle thickness.

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Difference between a grip and overgrip

Firstly, it is important to understand the different between these two grips.

1. Grip:

This is usually the original grip that comes with your racket when you purchase a new one. 

When this grip gets worn out or dirty, you can change it with a replacement grip.

2. Overgrip:

These are usually thinner than the grip and it is very common for competitive players to change it every match as it is not as long-lasting. 

There are different types of overgrips mainly absorbent overgrip and tacky overgrip.

Choosing a grip/overgrip

The selection of a grip or overgrip should both be based on how it feels when you pick up your racket and its various technical benefits. 

The following explanations apply to both grips and overgrips:

  • How To Choose Your Tennis Grip Or Overgrip?

    1. Grip feel

    'Dotted' grips are fine and are easily identifiable - thanks to their 'dots'! 

    This will be ideal is you are looking for a grip that offers great sensation and durability.

  • How To Choose Your Tennis Grip Or Overgrip?

    2. Grip absorbtion

    If you are looking for a grip that offers a high level of perspiration, absorption and durability, you might like to take a look at our "peach skin" grips, which feature holes for enhanced perspiration absorption.

  • How To Choose Your Tennis Grip Or Overgrip?

    3. Grip comfort

    Grips that are referred to as 'smooth' provide comfort and durability. These grips are soft and absorbent.

How To Choose Your Tennis Grip Or Overgrip?

The thickness of the handle?

When purchasing a tennis racket, one of the characteristics that you must take into consideration is the thickness of the handle. 

Grips and overgrips are available to increase the thickness of the handle if necessary. 

What's more, if you find that you fall between two sizes, go for the smaller one and add an overgrip to achieve the perfect thickness: the overgrip will serve you very well, adding around 1.5 mm in thickness.

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