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How to Choose the Right Travel Bag?

The bag is an essential item for any traveller. Many bags are available to adapt to every adventure, whether for a weekend or a world tour.
Here is a guide to help you choose the right bag for your needs.


To choose the best travel bag, think about how you will use it: will you walk a lot with your bag or will you only use it during travel time?

How to choose your travel bag?

Which bag for travelling: backpack or carry bag?

The travel backpack is a good compromise to go with you on your adventures. In fact, it's just as practical as a suitcase and as comfortable as a backpack. It is accessorised and secure making it ideal for travelling.

You could also choose a duffle-type carry bag that is flexible, durable and transportable on all means of transport.
However, a duffle bag will prove to be less comfortable to carry longer term than a travel or trekking backpack. It’s useful for carrying your hiking equipment on short walking stages during your trip.


The backpackers travel backpack

The suitcase-type travel backpack has the benefit of being quite comfortable for walking long hours.
These bags are designed with enough volume to go with you on your adventures. Some models have several lockable pockets or a removable pouch to carry a few belongings with you on short trips. They also have a suitcase style opening for easy access and bag storage.

You will find below a few classic travel backpacks:

Cabin bag

Which cabin bag for your holidays by plane?

Our Travel 100 bag is designed to be a compatible size for the majority of airlines for your cabin travel bag. However, we recommend you check the acceptable size on your airline's website.


Carry bag - suitcase or travel bag?

With this bag you can carry lots of belongings safely with you everywhere. It's the perfect travel bag giving greater freedom and agility than a suitcase.
A duffle travel bag is a simple bag with a large opening the full length of the bag. This gives you quick access to the entire bag and to your hiking equipment in particular. This type of bag has few storage compartments. Some models have an extendable section that increases the bag’s capacity.

  • Benefit of a duffle-type bag

    The Duffle benefits: Robustness

    A travel bag is easy to transport. With shoulder and chest straps, a duffle travel bag can be carried like a backpack during transit on your trip. The shoulder straps can be adjusted to best fit your back. It can also be carried horizontally with its side handle.

  • Benefit of a duffle-type bag

    The Duffle benefits:
    Easy to transport

    The main benefit of a travel bag is its robustness. This gives you the option of taking it on the train, plane, etc. The fabric and seams are strengthened and its flexible structure can even be carried by an animal (such as a horse, donkey or camel).


Which Duffle bag volume to choose: small or large bag?

There are different Duffle sizes available, from 40 L to 120 L volume. Your bag size will depend on two factors: the length and type of your trip. To get an idea of the volume needed for your trip, gather together all your belongings (for example: base layers, clothing, pair of boots, sleeping bag, wash bag). This will give you an idea of the contents and the size needed.

The bag's capacity can be extended using the zips on the side of the bag if the available space isn't enough. The 40 L travel bags can be expanded up to 60 L and the 80 L travel bags can be extended up to 120 L.

Tip: you can use different sized storage covers to give you an idea of the volume you need for your travel bag.

See the range of extendable bags from 40 L to 60 L

See the range of extendable bags from 80 L to 120 L

The 50 L and 100 L travel bags are non-extendable.

The waterproof duffle bag


Most of our duffle carry bags are water-repellent but not waterproof.
However, we do offer a waterproof travel bag: Duffle Bag Extend 900 WP.

Even though most of our bags come with a rain cover, you can buy them separately.


Ultracompact bag and bum bag

Folding backpack - flexible and affordable


If you don’t have a high volume bag then smaller ones can be enough during the day to carry the bare essentials with you. Some are even waterproof to protect your belongings from unexpected rain. The benefits of these smaller bags are their compactness and light weight so they can go everywhere with you! When you're done, you fold them into themselves and slip them in a pocket.


Bum bag - the traveller’s hand bag


Bum bags prove to be just as practical for carrying your personal belongings (phone, wallet, glasses, etc.). This type of bag can be worn in different ways: around your waist and with an adjustable shoulder strap.

  • Compact travel bum bag 2 L

    This compact bum bag has the benefit of folding into itself so it can be stored in a pocket.

  • Travel bum bag 2 L

    This bum bag is more traditional. Carry your essentials with you during the day.
    The range of colours leaves you spoilt for choice.

  • Travel bum bag 7 L

    This bum bag is big enough to replace a small backpack and has several pockets.

Desert Backpack, ventilated and anti-sand - Desert 900 30 L

Bags specific to their environment

A bag for the desert

The desert trekking backpack is perfect for trips to the desert. It has the big advantage of protecting your belongings from the sand and its shape allows as much air to flow as possible.
Its canyoning fastener stops sand getting in and the various mesh outer pockets help to get the sand out.


For the mountains: hiking and trekking backpacks

For mountain trekking, we strongly recommend you opt for hiking and trekking backpacks that are more suitable to your activity and will be more comfortable over long distances. You also have a wide choice of bags and the option to choose the bag's volume.


How to prepare and organize your travel bag?

To pack your travel bag well then it's important to take certain factors into account. Remember to pack fragile items last so they don't get crushed at the bottom of the bag.
We recommend you pack your heavy items nearest to your back to lighten the feel of your bag’s load.

What’s more, there is a wide range of storage bags, waterproof or not, to organise your clothing or other belongings as you wish.

Along with your travel or trekking bags, you can also take a carry cover to protect them from knocks and rubbing on transport.

At each end of the Duffel 500 Extend travel bags, there are 2 interior mesh pockets (3 on the Duffel Bag 900 Extend WP). They are useful for transporting and organising small objects. The Duffle 500 Extend also has an outer pocket.

Our travel backpacks have a large opening on the back so they can be opened like a suitcase making it easier to store your belongings. They also have several pockets to store your smaller belongings and access them easily (card, sun cream, passport, etc.).


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