Swimming can be good cardio and also an enjoyable way to lose weight!

Losing Weight By Swimming

You are looking to lose weight and already tried a few programs or diets but are not satisfied? Losing weight by changing diet regularly can quickly become expensive.
No worries, losing weight by swimming is actually quite cheap! All it will cost you is a swimsuit and registration at the pool.


If you are expecting to lose weight in a few days or within a week, I’m sorry but this article won’t be really useful for you. Losing weight quickly is not suitable and is really inefficient most of the time as you’ll gain back your extra kilos as quickly as you lost them. Moreover, it will affect your metabolism.
This program will help you lose weight on a long term basis. It will mainly be targeting the sport habits you should have in order to feel healthy on a long term basis.
It’s all about finding the right balance so you can keep pushing yourself and stay motivated.
If you are following the advice listed in this article, you should see the results within 3 weeks!


A well balanced nutrition is essential if you want to achieve your objectives. Many people are convinced that fasting is the best way to achieve your goals, but it’s been proved that it’s probably the worst way to lose weight. Do not skip meals and enjoy your 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)!
Do not try to restrict yourself as you’ll lose motivation and won’t be able to reach your targets.
The only thing you should avoid is all the in-between meals eating sessions as you are taking bad habits that are then really difficult to stop.
As you have probably understood, it’s all about finding the right balance. Try not to ruin all your efforts because of a bad diet.


Swimming is one of the most energy consuming sports and consequently is one of the best sports to burn calories. Swimming is also really accessible as you can start really young without being restricted.
Furthermore, swimming is also a full body exercise: from legs to arms, every single part of your body is active. As you are in the water, swimming is also a really smooth exercise with low risk of injury.
Finally, swimming has to be something you enjoy doing as you won’t be able to sustain your efforts if you are not motivated by the sport you choose.


Do not try to start by long sessions but prioritize shorter ones with a higher intensity and more often.
This program is based on the regularity of your training and the variety of strokes and not on the distance you are able to swim. Used to swim twice a week for 1 hour? You should consider shortening your sessions as well as training more often.
I know that it can change your habits but it’s definitely something you should consider in order to lose weight in a more sustainable way.Try to reach 45 minutes sessions four times a week!
At the beginning it can seem like a lot but it’s definitely the best way to quickly improve your swimming technique and lose weight effectively. So, you’re probably asking yourself: what should I do?

SESSION 1: Cardio

Working on your cardio stays the best way to lose weight.
- Start with 10 minutes of breaststroke as a warm up.
- Then, 20 minutes of front crawl, do not hesitate to rest but remember to stop your timer.
- End with 15 mn of fractionated (50m intense, 50m cool down). Choose the stroke that suits you best!

SESSION 2: Full body training with fins

Fins can be really useful if you want to lose weight and quickly refine your silhouette.
- Start by swimming 10 mn in the stroke of your choice.
- Then slip on your fins, grab a board and swim for 25mn. Keep the board in front of you, keep your head down and look at the bottom of the pool. Alternate front and back strokes.
- End with 10mn of ripples (keep your fins and board). Alternate front and back strokes.

SESSION 3: Refine your silhouette

Backstroke is a very complete stroke. It’s a good way to work on your full body muscles and refine your silhouette.
- Start by swimming 10mn in the stroke of your choice.
- Then practice your backstroke for 20mn. Once again do not hesitate to have a break but don’t forget to stop your timer.
- Finish by 15mn of breaststroke to work on your aerodynamic and consequently on your abs.

SESSION 4: The bonus session

We all have a favourite stroke. The point of this session is to enjoy and stay motivated! Swim 45 minutes and try not to stop.



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