organiser un tournoi maison ping pong

Organising a table tennis tournament at home

Need a change in routine at home? A good old ping pong championship with the whole family may just be what you're looking for!

tournoi TDT ping pong

Preparing for the "tournament"

Wondering where to play table tennis in Singapore?

Why not organise your very own table tennis championship at home? Not only will you have a blast with your family, you could also further hone your skills at the game.

The coolest part? The whole team is invited: even grandma and/or grandpa!

Plus, you never have to wonder ever again "where can I play table tennis in Singapore?".

Here are some tips to get started.

Comment organiser un tournoi de ping pong à la maison !

Rollnet 2020

2 - 4 rackets, balls, and a table is all you'll need. In fact, you don't even need to have a table - a pretty straight surface will suffice. 

That's because our Rollnet 2020 has attachment clips that'll enable you to clip the net to any surface in the house. 

It also comes with 2 bats and 2 balls per set. 

All you have to do is unroll and clip it to any surface between 0.5cm-6cm thick and up to 1.7m wide. 

Did we also mention that this can be done in literally under 10 seconds?

regle tournoi tdt

1. Organising the tournament

To organise your tournament well, try using or following this template to divide your participants into tables. 

You can personalise it, or draw it yourself on a big sheet with a permanent marker and paste it on the wall for the ease of all participants. 

An emcee to announce points for the game would also be a great plus for the atmosphere!

tournoi ping pong

2. Tournament rules

The rules for your home tournament are:

#1: There is no official rule.

#2: Only the rules announced at the start of the match count. In case of disputes, give the point.

You can adapt the rules of your championship according to the participants you want to invite. 

For example, granny could get handicap points at the start, or the most inexperienced player in the family could get someone to stand in and play for them for one set.

tournoi ping pong

3. The serious series

Just in case someone wants to get serious, here are the official rules of table tennis!

- Service alternates every 5 points

- A player may re-serve after a missed serve (eg. ball at the net)

- A player wins each set when he/she reaches 21 points first

- In the case of a tie (i.e. 20-20), deuce will be activated - so this means first to 22 points wins instead

- Each match consists of 3 sets

- Best of 3 sets wins the match

Whatever the rules or mechanics, the most important thing is to laugh and have fun with your family. Have a good time, in short. 
And if you have any other tips, don't hesitate to share them with your friends.

Have fun with your home tournament!