How To: Use Your Gym Ball Safely

How to: use your gym ball safely


How To: Use Your Gym Ball Safely


WARNING: Failure to follow the inflation instructions can result in serious injury.

The ball may burst if the restrictions and precautions are not observed, which could cause injury to the user.

WARNING: Avoid exposing the ball to the sun or unfavourable atmospheric conditions, in high or low temperatures as this could damage your ball.

Before you start using the ball, we recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any physical or material damage that may result from the use of the ball.

1. User restrictions

Max user weight 110 Kg/ 242.5Lbs.

Designed exclusively for healthy people. Injured or users with health conditions are to seek the advice of doctors before using the gym ball.

Designed exclusively for sports training in the Gym and Pilates.

Designed exclusively for private use, by an individual indoors, not to be used outdoors.

It is not appropriate to use the product as medical equipment or as an office chair.

2. User precautions


Keep this document in a safe place

This product is not a toy

This product has been designed exclusively for adults

NB: the ball should only be used if it is in perfect condition (example: no damage), do not use it if it is damaged. Never try to repair a damaged ball yourself. Avoid contact with sharp or pointed objects, the ball must be used on a clean surface. The ball must not be exposed to extreme temperatures.


Respect the inflation procedure

Inflate with air only, to the maximum level authorised for the diameter of the ball by size

Only inflate using the tips and plugs provided and the recommended pumps

Size S: maximum authorised height of ball: 55cm (21.7 in)

Size M: maximum authorised height: 65cm (25.6 in)

Size L: maximum authorised height: 75cm (29.5 in)


Store in a clean, dry location, away from the sun and at a moderate temperature.

Clean with water and avoid harsh cleaning agents

Wipe with a clean cleaning cloth

3. Guarantee

24 months

The guarantee is terminated if the product is damaged due to improper use and/or poor maintenance

The guarantee does not cover indirect, accidental and/or consequential damage to the use of the product