Q&A: Our bikes and fitness machines

Q&a: our bikes and fitness machines

Find out more about how the supply and logistics of bikes and fitness machines have been impacted during these trying times.

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to get your hands on a bike or fitness machine these days? 

Our very own Digital Sports Leader for Cycling, Jason Tan, and City E-Commerce Leader, Félicia Ravé, share more.

Q&A: Our bikes and fitness machines

Q: how has the supply for bikes and fitness machines been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic?

Worldwide demand for sporting goods - especially fitness machines and bicycles - have sharply increased during the pandemic as governments around the world implement lockdowns and movement restrictions.

However, many factories are still not able to operate at full capacity due to various pandemic-related reasons: safe distancing measures, local partial or full lockdowns, etc.

The sourcing of raw materials has also been impacted by the pandemic.

And yet, due to rising demand, manufacturers are all bidding for the same shrinking pool of resources.

This is further compounded by decreased shipping capacity worldwide, which increases lead times for the shipping of raw materials and components from suppliers to factories and causes production delays.

Therefore, our ability to produce sporting goods like fitness machines and bicycles is heavily impacted, and the quantities we can produce are limited.

Q&A: Our bikes and fitness machines

Q: how about logistics for bikes and fitness machines?


The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the international movement of goods, resulting in a delayed lead time for our products to reach us.

Unexpected implementation of lockdown or safe distancing phases from authorities locally and internationally also has an impact on the number of employees allowed on site. 

This affects the manpower of logistics industries, which in turn slows down the entire process.

Despite this, quality goods remain our priority, as we continue to strive to find the balance between fulfilling our customers’ orders and the quality checks offered in assembling the bikes and fitness machines.

We hope that this article was useful in answering your questions about the impact of these unprecedented times on our supply and logistics flows.

For any further enquiries, our contact us page and friendly User Happiness Centre team remains at your disposal.

Let's continue to stay active safely in the meantime!