Create memories on the pitch with our top football picks

Here we give you a review of some of our popular football products.

Football is arguably the most popular sport in Singapore. It is the only sport in Singapore with a professional league. 

Whether you’re looking to play professionally or to just play it socially with your friends, there’s bound to be something for everyone. 


First kick football

It is important for young footballers to use a ball that is the right size for them. This goes for all kids no matter their age. 

If the ball is too big for them, they will have difficulty dribbling, controlling and shooting the ball.

Size 3 football

The First Kick Football Size 3 is created for kids of 5 to 7 years old to get started on the pitch. 

Its smaller circumference is designed for kids to perfect their technique. Get the little ones on the pitch and allow them to build up their skills with the size 3 football. It will literally be their first kick in this sport! :)

Size 5 football

The First Kick Football Size 5 is created for anyone above 12 years old to get started on the pitch. It has a larger circumference than the First Kick Football Size 3, making it more suitable for older kids. 

The First Kick Footballs review ratings of 4.4 /5, with most of the reviews noting how good and value for money the balls are.


Flat disc markers 40-pack

The Flat Disc Markers are designed for setting up football training exercises or marking out a pitch for coaching sessions.

These markers are useful for beginners who are still learning the positioning skills in football. The set consists of 40 disc markers of 4 different colours.

Practice your dribbling skills or warm up before your matches with these disc markers! :)

These handy disc markers have a review rating of 4.7/5.

Ng500s inflatable football goal

Finding it difficult to find a small goal post that is also troublesome to store at home? Check out our NG500S Inflatable Football Goal! 

It is perfect for families who play football recreationally and are seeking for a convenient and versatile football goal with real corners and posts that can withstand ball impacts. Set it up for either a family football session or with your friends. 

It uses an inflatable system that makes it easy to set up and take down. It can either be inflated with a pump for maximum strength or without one.

The NG500S Inflatable Football Goal comes with weighted pockets on the sides. Additionally, there is also a pocket at the back to place filled bottles as weight. 

You do not have to worry about your goal post collapsing upon the impact of your amazing shots! :)

It has a 5/ 5 rating review with users commending its easy set up and small storage needs.

NG500S Inflatable Football Goal

Keepdry 100 adult base-layer

The Keepdry 100 Adult Base-Layer is designed for training sessions or matches in cool weather. It can be worn either as a jersey or a base-layer thanks to its cut and style. 

It provides increased thermal comfort during sports thanks to its lightweight flowing fabric which wicks away perspiration. 

Additionally, this base-layer absorbs perspiration and transfers it to the outside which allows your skin to stay dry. 

It retains your body heat and especially in cooling weather, this can keep you warm and comfortable while your intensely train.

Keepdry 100 Adult Base-Layer has a ratings review of 4.5/5.


Sg 500 football goal size m

The SG 500 Football Goal is a resilient football goal with an easy assembly and dismantling set-up. The goal is resistant to shocks due to its steel structure and shape.

 It is also stable on all types of surfaces even without stakes. 

Create unforgettable memories by playing some football with your family. Be it in your neighbourhood playgrounds or the beach, the SG500 Football Goal is the perfect goal post for an intense friendly game. 

You can transport it easily in your car since it’s easy to assemble.



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