The importance of football base-layers

Ever wondered what why wearing base-layers in football could be important? Although not as common as other sports, wearing base-layers can provide quite a number of benefits while playing football.

What is a football base-layer and why should you wear it?

Base-layers, also known as compressions by many, are tight fitting layers of clothing worn under your jersey. They are made of a wicking material which absorbs your perspiration, and this ensures that players don’t carry their body weight around during the game. In the current market we not only see base-layer for tops. There are various types of base-layers, from bottoms to undergarments, including base-layer shorts! There are options even for women and kids too! The list for compression base-layer benefits goes on!


Additionally, there are several benefits of wearing base-layers when playing football. It reduces the chances of injuries and also speeds up recovery! Interestingly, compressions are designed to improve blood flow! So it will be good to put on a base-layer during your games or even during training sessions.

Should you wear a base-layer in singapore?

Many of us have the wrong idea about football base-layers. Singapore is a tropical country and many of us are afraid to put on football base-layers under the scorching sun. It is now time to change your impression!

Having a base-layer isn’t all about keeping you warm. It is designed to wick away our perspiration and allow cool layer of air in between your body and your jersey. This prevents you from having a soggy jersey sticking to your body.

If your are not too comfortable with wearing longsleeve football base-layers in the heat, you may want to take a look at shortsleeve or sleeveless base-layers!

Base-layers also act as an extra protection from the sun! So rain or shine, you are able to wear them!


How to choose a perfect base-layer?

Fitting is the most important factor! You need to feel comfortable in it. Basically, the base-layer should be figure-hugging tight BUT not restrictive. The more the base-layer has contact with your skin it will be able to wick sweat away efficiently. A fitting football base-layer will reduce muscle osculation which will ensure muscles are kept in line. This will prevent injuries.

Base-layer tops

Base-layer bottoms


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