The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

The perfect gift guide for swimmers!

We have reached the season of giving again! Find out the best swimming products for your friends and family this Christmas! :-)

Ho ho ho!!! It’s nearing the end of the year and it means it’s the season of giving!!!
And it means having a headache thinking about what to get for your loved ones for secret santa? Fret not, because in Decathlon, you will be able to find the right present that is within your budget for your family and friends!

This year, we will be sharing with you some tips on what swimming products to get within your given budget! Stay with us for more!

In Decathlon, whatever you need to prepare yourself for sports, we have it!

Before you began choosing the products, always remember some rules!

#1: Find out the budget of your secret santa gift exchange
#2: Is your friend a sport lover?
#3: Get to know if your friend love the water?
#4: Which age group is this friend in?

If all conditions are met, you can proceed to read on the article below to find out what are the products we recommend you!

Package for him

Total budget: $50.00

The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

Watertight large phone pouch ($14)

The watertight large phone pouch is specially designed to keep your phone dry while practising water sports! This is exceptionally beneficial for you if you go for your year end holidays that involves water, and you want to take pretty photos at the same time. This is also IPX7 resistance that protects your phone during nautical sports!

IPX7: a device with the rating IPX7 is protected from accidental submersion in 1 meter (3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes.

The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

Snk 500 adult and junior mask and snorkel snorkelling set ($15)

The snorkelling set is specially made for snorkelling lovers and it is really comfortable when you wear it! It also includes a net where you can keep the equipment properly without losing or dirtying it, how convenient and affordable!

The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

Large & compact microfiber towel ($9.90)

This is my personal favourite!!! It is so handy because you can fold it and carry it around without taking up much space in your bag and it also dries up really quickly (almost instantly, i’m not exaggerating i swear) Basically, this towel is very handy, ultra compact and highly absorbent microfibre towel that you can bring everywhere with you! What a good steal!

The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

Dsoft frisbee ($4.90)

Planning for a trip to the beach? Not sure what activities to do while enjoying your picnic and sun tan by the water? There you go, we got a really good and affordable frisbee for you and your friends to play while killing boredom. This frisbee can be thrown in short distance. If you are worried about the dangers of playing frisbee, do not be because this is specially made for kids 2 years old and above. It is really easy to use and because of the material made, it is extremely safe for young users.

The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

Right-handed soft boomerang ($5.90)

Similar to frisbee, a boomerang is specially designed and recommended for older kids (after the age of 8 years old) It is safe to use and suitable for beginners who want to try it out! Don’t worry if you are afraid that you cannot catch it properly, with its suitable foam material, it wont hurt you a bit when you’re practicing your catch!

Package for her

Total budget: $60

The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

Ama 700 swimming goggles ($9.90)

With a good watertight seal, our swimming goggles provide you with comfort when you are going down the water! Specially fitted accordingly, you can go swimming at ease now!

The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

500 Women's short sleeve uv protection surfing top t-shirt ($13)

This surfing top is specially designed for sun protection when you go surfing or bodyboarding! It prevents irritation for up to 2 hours for each session whenever you wear it. It blocks at least 95% of UV rays with its SPF 50+ fabric. This is extremely useful for your friends and family who are planning to go on surfing trips!

The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

10L watertight duffelbag ($20)

This watertight duffelbag is specially made to keep your stuff dry and protect against the water. Imagine going for water rafting or other water sports and you have so many things to carry with you (especially your electronic devices such as smartphones and cameras!). Now now, give me one good reason why you don’t need this product? Super ideal for kayaking, stand up paddling and light sailing.

The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

120 Adult aquashoes pink ($13)

Who doesn't want a good and affordable pair of shoes while doing water activities? These aqua shoes will enhance your whole snorkeling experience! What are you waiting for? Easy to slip on and good at preventing sand from entering to make you feel uncomfortable

Package for kid

Total budget: $55

The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

Easybreath surface snorkelling mask coral ($30)

With Easybreath Mask, it is never hard to discover the underwater. The panoromic field and vision that it provides you, I can guarantee you will have no regrets once you use this product! It also helps you to breathe through your nose and mouth when you are under the beautiful, blue ocean!

The Perfect Gift Guide For Swimmers!

Trainfins 500 swimming fins ($23)

This pair of fins is specially designed for individuals who want to enhance their training performance by swimming faster while doing a muscle intense workout! You can get it for your friend who is constantly swimming and training in the water! Bloop bloop!

The budget is just a gauge for you to know what products you can get with the given budget that you agree with your friends. It is really up to your own flexibility on how you want to personalise the gifts for your friends and family :-)
Receiving gifts is great, but always remember it’s the thought that counts! So no matter what you get for your family and friends, it’s good!

Have a blessed and merry Christmas, swimmers!


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