What should I eat before running?

What should i eat before and after running?

Ready to take your run to the next level? Well, what you eat matters! Eating well before AND after running is essential to performance.

Eat well to run well

Did you know? Fulfilling your sporting objectives is 30% training and 70% balanced diet!

Given that food is the fuel your body needs, it is essential to eat properly to optimise your physical and sporting performance.

A poor or insufficient diet can be detrimental to your sporting performance as well as your recovery.

Your body needs energy and resources that will keep you going during a timed run! 

Eating well helps your body make the most of the exercise.

What should i eat for breakfast?

For breakfast, choose low glycemic index (GI) foods to burn calories, especially fats.

Low GI foods help to control your blood sugar levels such that they don't rise too suddenly or high, and high GI foods do the exact opposite.

A study by American researchers showed that eating low GI foods before exercising would burn the same number of calories as a high GI meal, but much more fat!

So before heading tying up your laces and heading for the run in the morning, choose foods with a low GI, like yogurt + fruit + unsweetened muesli and other dried fruits for breakfast.

In addition, it's important to hydrate properly by loading up on water and isotonic drinks to compensate for the loss of water and minerals (sodium, magnesium and iron in particular) to come.

What should I eat before running?

Convenient and tasty nutrition bars

Easy to chew and digest, grab a soy bar to provide you energy before starting your run!

Can i eat right before running?

To keep digestion from getting in the way of your workout, we recommend waiting 2 - 3 hours after eating a full meal before you run.

However, if you want a quick fix, we recommend consuming an energy gel that's easy to digest and gives you an immediate boost for your run.

What should I eat before running?

Quick and foolproof energy gels

Rushing for time? Grab an energy gel before your run for a much-needed boost! Available in assorted flavours.

What should i eat after running?

After exercising, it is essential to prioritise recovery

You've been sweating, losing water, minerals and nutrient, and your body is waiting for a pick-me-up! It needs nutrients to nourish and re-energise your muscles.

The solution is to eat a varied diet, including carbohydrates, protein and a moderate amount of fats to fill up on energy. Think about your body after exercising!

What should I eat before running?

Refresh and rehydrate

Compensate for the loss of water and minerals with these easy to use tablets! Simply drop them in room temp or chilled water for recovery.

If you run, you should be eating these non-negotiable foods!

The best way to be in great shape is to eat a diet with plenty of starches, a moderate amount of protein and limited fats. Here are some foods we'd highly recommend consuming:

Rich in proteins and minerals, such as iron and magnesium. They are easy to prepare (hot, cold or in soup), and are therefore an easy way to enrich your dishes.

Oleaginous fruits are generally full of protein. Hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, etc. are all highly recommended in a runner's diet.

Soy is rich in plant proteins, vitamins and fibre. There are many soy-based products to choose from, such as tofu, allowing you to enjoy a variety of tasty dishes!

Quinoa contains a large amount of protein and is also rich in fibre and potassium. It makes an ideal alternative to pasta in your dishes.

Foods to avoid

Sugary foods
Avoid eating sugary snacks for energy before your run as they make your blood sugar levels skyrocket. This is called hypoglycemia.

As a result, you'll often hit a slump midway while running. Therefore it is best to avoid that!

Fatty foods
Make sure to avoid these before you run, as your body will have a hard time digesting them while you're working out.

What Should I Eat Before and After Running?

Written by: terence cheah

Digital sports leader, running

Eating well is more than half the battle won!

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