What To Wear To A Barre Class

What to wear to a barre class?

Need a new and exciting way to get fit? Try barre! Here's what you need to get started, based on our session at Barre Lab!

So, what is barre?

Barre is a full body workout. Using a ballet barre, small isometric movements are performed for efficient fat burn and toning of muscles.

It is generally a mix between pilates, dance and yoga - a weirdly effective combination!

Recently, it has become more popular in Singapore with more studios offering specialised barre classes.

So, now that you know what Barre is, here are some suggestions on what to wear.

What To Wear To A Barre Class?

1. Grip socks are a must!

The great thing about barre is that you do not need shoes!

During the session, the instructor may get you to do certain moves that would focus on your balance and your feet are your saviour.

Grip socks allow for increased friction between your feet and the floor, ensuring that you can perform the movements safely.

In our session, we wore Domyos Non-Slip Yoga Toe Grip Socks.

It was extremely comfortable as the toe segments allowed our toes to move freely!

With our toes spread apart, it helped with our balance too!

For men, stretchy shorts

2. For men: stretchy shorts

The biggest nightmare for anyone is to have your shorts split open during a class.

 Especially in a studio, where the sound of your shorts ripping will be amplified!

Therefore, we recommend going for yoga or pilates shorts. 

The two-way stretch material will give you the freedom to execute the barre movements without worry! 

Check out our yoga and pilates apparel for men now!

3. For ladies: yoga leggings

Ladies, listen up!

Yoga leggings are extremely crucial if you want to go through the class, without anyone knowing the colour of your knickers.

Yoga leggings are usually opaque yet breathable.

Therefore, you do not need to worry when executing the moves during a barre session.

Our Decathlon ladies used Domyos Women's Yoga 7/8 Seamless Leggings during our session.

These leggings helped to reduce chafing during the pulsating movements. An additional bonus is that these leggings are super pretty!

For ladies, Yoga Leggings
Breathable top

4. A breathable top

We were in for a surprise when we went for the barre class. Every one of us started perspiring, within the first 10 minutes of the session - it was that effective! 

It is really important for you to wear a breathable top, which will allow your perspiration to evaporate quickly and keep you comfortable. 

Or if you’re comfortable in your own skin, just go shirtless! Woo hoo!

Other Accessories

5. Other accessories

The great thing about Barre Lab is that their classes are equipped with the necessary accessories! Yoga mats, dumbbells, pilates balls are already provided.

All you’ll need to worry about is which cute outfit to wear!!

Well, as barre is a really dynamic and challenging sport, you may want to consider the following accessories to bring along:

1. Water bottle - to hydrate as you perspire

2. Towel - to wipe off after a fulfilling session

3. Hair Tie / Hair Band - you wouldn’t want your hair to get in the way right?

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves at Barre Lab!

Our instructor, Jasmine, was extremely sweet and accommodating.

It was definitely not an easy class, and we worked up a sweat!

If you think barre is for you, check out our full yoga collection you could wear to your next barre class:


Written by: meelen sidhu

Digital sport leader - fitness

I am not the typical girly girl, and when I first heard of barre, I was skeptical. 

I thought it would require me to execute ballet moves and make me look like an awkward elephant. 

But I was so wrong! It was one of the toughest workouts I've done and I completely enjoyed every minute of it!