How to Choose Picnic Mats

How to choose the right picnic mat

Looking for picnic mats to enjoy a meal or day outdoors? 

Decathlon has a whole variety of mats to pick from – read this guide to find the right one for you!

An alternative to dining out with your friends and family is to have it outdoors while enjoying the natural air and scenery.

And what's super crucial to enjoying a day out? A good picnic mat, of course!

Read this article to find out which mat type will fit you best.

How to Choose the Right Picnic Mat

Picnic mat - small

Our small picnic mats are the most affordable option of the lot!

This one is suitable for two with plenty of space for your items and food.

If you need a more detailed measurement, the size is 140cm x 170cm!

It is available in four different designs to cater to both those who prefer simplicity and those who love abstract designs and bright colours.

Our mats are insulated, abrasion-resistant and water repellent to protect from moisture in the soil.

The best part of this range? It is compact, easy to carry around and you just need to fold and roll them and secure them with two straps after use!

How to Choose Picnic Mats

Picnic mat - big

Our big mats have properties that are exactly the same as the small ones above. 

The only difference is in their sizes and designs!

It gets a little tricky here - try not to be confused. 

There are two different measurements for the big mats - one design in 170x210cm, and two other designs in 190x190cm!

How to Choose the Right Picnic Mat

Ground sheet

This is a totally different type of mat compared to the two above.

Some of you may be able to relate this during your army days!

Available in two different sizes - 2x2.5m and 3x4m, our groundsheets are super huge so they are definitely suitable for big families or gatherings.

Plus point about them compared to the mats mentioned above: they're also waterproof, easy to clean, and puncture-resistant!

They also come with metal eyelets at the corners so that you can peg the sheet to the ground (pegs have to be bought separately, though!).

We hope that this guide helped you in choosing the kind of picnic mat that is suitable for your outdoor activities.

Now, get planning on that picnic date or day out by the beach - and add your picnic mat to your to-bring list while you're at it!

How to Choose Picnic Mats


Have fun with friends and family while exploring new sports!